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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by justdroppingby, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. So my mom decided to clean out my room the other day, and found an 1/8th of weed, and two glass bowls. She totally freaked out. My dad on the other hand, decided to lecture me, and he's like "That weed you bought was shitty anyway" and my dad is like...captain straight edge, so i said "Yeah right, like you would even know" and he looks at me like 'are you fucking kidding me?' and says "I used to grow that shit in my apartment." Holy hell. That was a major shock for me. I started laughing.
    I've read stories about this happening to other kids, but no way in HELL did I ever think my dad would be so chill. it was a nice surprise. He still doesn't want me smoking tho. He thinks I'm too young. eh, whatever. Newxt time i get some good buds I'll ask him if he wants to spark a bowl, haha.
  2. My mom used to tell me that she never did anything illegal. come to find out she used to do everything! now she smokes with me often!!
  3. my moms ex-bf used to be my dealer

  4. holy shit! that sounds exactly like my mom, she says she used to be a goodie girl, but i found out about 6 months ago that she used to be a huge pot head, until they started drug testing her at work, and she quit. but now she smokes with me about once a week, and my dad is cool with me smoking in my room too.....
  5. dam my parents still suck.
  6. my parents a straight and would freak if they even knew I drank. However, I do hang with a chick that buys weed from and smokes up with her mom. And I have to say that lady is one of the coolest parents I've ever met. She decides whether or not she really likes the guys her daughter brings home my subtly working something monty python into a conversation and see if the guy picks up on it. I'd like to say that I passed with flying colors; i know my python movies.
  7. Yea my mom is a 3rd grade teacher. So i know that when she says that she never did anything I tend to believe her. Unfortunatly
  8. i know teachers that smoke. i bet there are alot more people than you think that smoke.
  9. damn i want parents like yours....both my parents used to smoke- my dad said they were the best days of his life- but they'd still kick my ass
  10. :( mine are totally against everything to do with marijuana...

    They DO care that I smoke, they don't like it, but they respect my decision...Still sucks cause they don't smoke but,

  11. actually i was eating dinner with my dad and he just basically told me that he thought weed was good and there was nothing wrong with old people i guess i was wrong! yay! no wonder my mom divorced him, haha
  12. My dad's always been cool, when i was a kid he was like "if ya wanna get high let me know and we'll do it, cause i can get the good shit", hel, back before i started tokin, like when i was 15-16 i used to hook my dad up with fat sacks.

    A lotta teachers get stoned, probably more than not spark a fatty up when they get home, and who knows how many stoners become teachers cause ya get like 3 months off to do shit like go roadtrippin all over and smokn mad bud. If i was a teacher i'd spend my time off mountin bking in BC blazed as fuck.

    Ya know waht's cool tho? SIttin around the thanksgiving dinner table passin after-turkey fattys, parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, most tokin up and whoever didn't toke was still gettin the contact goin' on. If weed was legal families would be able to share the herb openly, connect on many levels, and have better relationships overall withot having anyhing to hide, thian about how cool that would be.

  13. I really don't have a clue about my parents. They must have toked at some point though. I hope they don't talk to me about it just yet, I think it would be too weird. What did the rest of you think when your parents first confronted you? Did it have a negative or positive effect on your relationship?

  14. it was only weird cause sometimes my dad tries too hard to be my friend, which he definitely isn't- but it was still really cool.
  15. I know my mom doesn't i know that some people are saying that they know teachers smoke. But you need to understand that it's the futherst thing away from my mom's head. And no matter what they might tell you or try to do to you if you wanna smoke you will. I mean hell. I'm 18, an Eagle scout, most of my life is involved with helping other people, good kid in school never gotten detention, so my mom thinks i'm a really good kid so I find it very amusing that people in general think that scouts are good, when in fact it's mostly just a lie. I train other scouts to hold leadership positions in their troop so I work with the "best of the best" scouts cuz we're doing the leadership training and the whole staff are potheads. We were even caught with weed once, but, as one of the staff members said, we're untouchable so I think it's great, especially scouting.
  16. Man me and my sister knew that my mom was smoking when I was like 14 and she just admitted this shit to us and we knew waaay before. She said she has been smokin since she was 16 and wasnt gonna stop HAHAH. My mom is coo, in august I came home drunk off my ass and all she could do was laugh. She said I could get drunk but only at home next time. I dunno about smokin weed but she knows I smoke so its coo i guess...

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