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This was female but now that its budding...?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by vwarner, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Hey guys!
    Ive had this plant for a couple months and assumed it was female. It looked like it.
    So now I have had it on 12/12 for a few days and it looks like its going male..??
    Whats going on?
    I put some pics up so you can check it out and let me know what you think..

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  2. definitely male parts there. what made you think it was female?
  3. It has appeared to have been female until I starting to flower it.
    It thought maybe it was a hermie or something? Not really sure...
    Maybe I have some pollen in the room.
    It even looks like it grew balls when I started to flower it.
    I have 11 lowryders and 2 others on the go guess I gotta get rid of this beauty.

  4. well i can certainly see female parts too
  5. which photo? my eyes arent the greatest. i didnt look at all of them either lol
  6. This i what I didn't understand.
    The plant has been female up until now..??
    I had a male in my room a little while ago but didn't think that any pollen would have got out.
    Do the pics look like this is a pure male plant that I just thought was female... or is it a pollenated female??
    I hope its not pollenated as I have two other plants and 11 lowryders going..
    What do you all think??
  7. Id say you have light entering during the dark period.
  8. Thats weird, how would that make it grow male?
  9. Hope you didnt think the 4 little points on each node are pistals. they arnt a indecator of sex, all have it. Just wondering?
  10. Light on the plant during its dark period causes stress to the plant, which can cause it to become a hermaphrodite.

    Your plant definitely has some pollen sacks developing, which means that you should get rid of it carefully and immediately- if the sacks develop enough they can burst and pollinate any female plants you may have around.

    If your plant has only been on 12/12 for a few days, you couldn't have known for sure that it was a female. Flowering is always the definitive test for that. I do see some female development at the top of the plants, so I think that you are right that the plant was female but it appears to have hermied, but I'm not convinced that you could have known before the plant started to flower that it was female. Getting attached to early is a great way to hold onto a plant for too long, and let it pollinate your entire space.

    Regardless, check your grow space for light leaks, but any stressor (or combination of stressors) could cause a female plant to become a hermaphrodite, including temperature stress, nutrient stress, etc. More info on your grow could help us figure out what might have caused your plant to start developing male flowers.

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