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This was crazy, has this ever happened to you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BBQMeister, May 14, 2010.

  1. So the other day I was my normal (perhaps a bit higher than usual) high. Sometimes when I'm a bit dehydrated or what not I get Orthostatic Hypotension (sudden drop in blood pressure from getting up too fast). Either way when I got up to get a drink I got this mad headrush, At the time I could have sworn my stuff was laced, so crazy. I finally realized the cause and replicated It by lying down a while then standing up as fast as I could. It was best during the coming up or plateau high (logically). Has this ever happened to you?
  2. all the time even when im not high it always happens and i get a mad head rush for like 10 seconds or so i kinda enjoy it besides the fact that i get really hot when it happens but other than that yepp happens all the time:p
  3. Surely. I had smoked an eighth with some friends and had been sitting for an hour or so. I stood up really quick and got hit with an insane head rush. You know how your vision gets clouded with colors or gray when that happens? Well, the colors started rearranging themselves into patterns, and I was amazed and terrified. Quite insane, but rather common. Happens to me sober every now and then.
  4. My friends and I call it a Voomp. Headrush for a bit and have to sit down when it happens. When that happens to me I know I am really really high.
  5. I dont mind when it happens it usually makes me laugh when its really bad cuz i just like the feeling i guess. Stupid thing is i still try to walk when it happens so i fall down lol.
  6. I get head rushes pretty bad sometimes, there's been times I've almost fallen and hurt myself. Should learn to just sit back down, but it's a fun experience :D
  7. before i smoked, i got one so bad i passed out on my comp tower
  8. yeah thats happened to me once. more like a black out, it crepped up on me while i was still standing up. :smoking:
  9. Used to happen when I was younger even if I was sober. Id get up and my vision would get all dark for a second,
    Doesn't happen anymore. :confused_2:
  10. all the time brah, the cats i normally chill with call it the elevator drop.
  11. When I get outa bed to quickly in the morning that shit happens but its mad fun when high :D
  12. Once it happened to me so bad i almost fell over!
  13. Happens to me all the time, even when sober. I'll sit on the couch and use my computer for a while, then when I get up, everything goes black with silver speckles, like a TV screen, and I get dizzy. I actually like it a lot. It's fun.
  14. ya it happens to me and my friends all the time, we call it tunnel vision
  15. sometimes if ive been sittin for a while and i stand up... boy i dont know what hit me.. i get like light headed and sometimes just need to take a knee or hold myself up till i recompose myself

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