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Discussion in 'General' started by SIR_JANE, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Now before people start talking about how this is a bunch of BS about material like this. Whether you want to admit it or not something inside your conciousness led you to these warnings. Either you can take the oppertunity to do your own research and discover it first hand or for some reason watch material like this and then post totally irrelevant comments and then go back to your purposeless life of doing nothing and then dying..Tell me what do you have to lose?
  2. I read in the comments before I watched it that it's a SciFi Channel commercial. Kind of ruined if for me. Didn't even bother to watch it.
  3. -rep for insulting everyone who has a negative comment or thought about this video. Just because you agree with this video doesn't make it right and other's criticism or comments in general pointless or irrelevant.

    Grow up.
  4. -rep my ass yer the reason humanitys fucked
  5. you didnt even bother watching..WOW
    humanity is so blind!
    so if someone tells you theres no air yer going to belive it?
  6. Sorry man, that's a very ignorant statement to make. Anyone can find connections where they want them to be. Did you see the thing on either history/discovery channel about Free Masons?

    Really though, this video is not reliable. Drawing lines in the streets and connecting buildings and streets together randomly is not proof.

    Then it shoots to 9/11. What is the connection?
  7. UMMM, if AMerica ever goes down the toilet,

    I just do what our four fathers did, LEAVE.

    I could not watch it all....not big on conspiracys.......

  8. research look around the web has millions on information just waiting to be discovered so hit that search button man...

    key words: illuminati
    Alex Ross
  9. This is pretty ridiculous. We humans have evolved to look for patterns and make connections, even when the evidence for it is tenuous at best. Smoking weed temporarily lowers our anxiety, allowing our minds to be more creative and find patterns even more easily. But just because you can link patterns together doesn't mean there is some grand scheme behind it.

    Ever heard of coincidence?

    Conspiracy nuts need to do some critical thinking.
  10. Looks nazi made.
  11. if this is some crazy conspiracy thing...well i guess whatever its saying is true because as soon as i saw it was 9+ minutes long i immediataly exed out. what can i say...the gov't owns me. since an early age i was trained by the mind-melting 21st century drug of choice, by which of course i mean the TV, to have a short attention span, not really process information, and most of all let an external force bombard my brain with thoughts so i dont have to think them. what can i say my brain has been numbed. its a sad truth i realized a while ago but i continue to watch...oh well:(

    i have a feeling this is irrelevant becuase thoroughly reading the post, or even reading them to a point of mild understanding is totaly out of the question due to the above.

    i also really doubt any one read this post, also due to the above.

  12. It's crazy... but an ignorant fuck is trying to say we're all ignorant fucks. Newsflash dude, if you want us to buy into something you shouldn't preface it by implying we're all morons. More importantly, if you ARE going to imply that you shouldn't act like one YOURSELF.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    One thing you did accomplish is I'm going to watch the stupid scifi commercial now and tell you how I really feel.
  13. Alright guys, this needs to be said:

    That video is fuckin STUPID. If you want to buy into every wacky ass conspiracy theory thats fine, but for christs sake, at least make the videos convincing. This one looks like it was put together by that 9 year old opium smoker from Iran. I mean, it isnt even convincing. The AOL symbol has a triangle in it? OMFG alert the press.

    Oh, and that video of the flying saucer behind the World Trade Centers that "proves" the government was in on 911? Its a well known hoax made by the Scifi Channel.
  14. Look ima' do a play by play. Keep in mind i'm an extremely open minded individual who is not at ALL against the idea that our govt is run by a small group of elitist. AT ALL. I to this day wander what in the fuck is the real reason we're in iraq? Does Bush even know? Assuming he does I sure as hell don't, he's changed his fucking mind about it enough that's for sure.

    So. Let's do this.

    1st. That little star of david isn't even a perfect star... wtf... they just draw an upside down triangle and they kind of match up... but not perfectly. This is idiocy so far!

    2. Lmfao!! they take everything that looks remotely like an eye or rays of light and say it's their signs!! hahahahahahahhahaha!!! even if it IS true that's about the worst evidence i have EVER seen!

    3. Dude... they're seriously trying to make triangles into devious looking shapes. Wait, no, instead i'll make my logo a circle then. OH SHIT then you'll think it's an eye!!! No matter what shapes I use it's a govt conspiracy!

    4. THEY RANDOMLY PUT A star of david on a dollar bill ON TOP OF AN EAGLE THAN SOME CIRCLE ABOVE IT!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! this is actually amusing.

    5. This video is so bad. The evidence they show is so AWFUL. OMG why am i wasting my time? The triangle they showed in australia's govt building picture is comical because it's not even a real triangle, they make the bottome traingle bend at an angle... they're trying so hard.

    6. They seriously showed bush with his fingers touching above his head.. making a triangle.. unbelievable...

    This video is fucking terrible dude. Fuck you for making me waste 10 minutes of my life. And I never get this angry.

    I'm telling you all now, even people who are all about conspiracy theories... don't waste your time with this video. It's awful.

    Like I said I'm very open minded. Very. It's not like it's in my nature to be against people who are against the govt. IN FACT i AM against our govt in many ways. But... this video is trash.
  15. i dont get it
    wtf is this
    this is the worst theory ever
    so what you find a bunch of triangles across the world (that dont even look like fucking triangles im giving you some slack) and it automatically means that our govenrment is mentally fucking us and spreading its power across the world

    are you serious or did i not get the joke?
  16. wow. i'm glad i didn't watch this.
  17. jesus, its neausiating that there are people out there that actually believe this garbage. Who has the time to think up these clues? Every single triangle in the world means some new world order bullshit, get real.

    Oh shit, I just got a boner, it kinda looks like one of the twin towers, the government is close...

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