This video pretty much kicks ass...

Discussion in 'General' started by JuniorCain, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Alex Jones is the man, nice find
  2. I stopped watchign when I saw John Kerry. Get that twat out of here... He just said what people wanted to hear for votes
  3. nice find m8! ( o ya Kerry blows ;))

  4. :rolleyes: Besides, i think later they showed that he actually did some report on it as a senator? Whats this doing in medical anyway?
  5. i'm sure its very biased, but looks interesting. where can i get it?
  6. That right there is pretty much the basic reason it hasnt been legalized, like the woman said if cannibis was legalized then probaly 80% of prescription drugs would be un-needed. That means that they loose a TON of money over the very pricey prescription drugs
  7. when they switch to those 3 black dudes talking to each other I didnt hear or understand ONE word they said. try it..

    cool video, but then again i dont know what it is.. anyone can capture a guy talking on camera and put text saying "Former DEA Czar" or whatever..

    and they interview a guy and his status is "Drug Lord"? What kind of "Drug Lord" would openly interview himself on video..about drugs?
  8. yea i agree with you on this 1, IMO they should have put some more time into it and got some good hard facts. but still the video was pretty interesting
  9. They did a great job mixing rap music and the news. A lot of truth too. Jails make $ on inmate labor, pharmacuticals don't compete with MJ, presidents get elected with big corp $. Those are all well known facts, but does MJ replace 80% of existing meds? I doubt it. The meth use seems mostly rural white and the feds seem to ignore it too. Today's inmate labor is a remnat of the slave times mentality. Some people don't want to give up on the good ole days! Even after all these generations.

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