This top 5 list blew my mind!

Discussion in 'General' started by quasimoto, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. that is crazy shit
    very bizzare
    love it lol
  2. Great read! Thanks,
  3. I actually just read that article a couple hours ago.

    Crazy stuff.
  4. I read that a while ago also.Pretty intense.
  5. I read this earlier today, had heard of all of them except for the quantam entaglement one, but I always get a kick out of articles
  6. This should be stickied or something man. This honestly blew my mind if love this shit! + to your rep sir
  7. that first theory is kinda bullshit, cuz theres absolutely no way they can know if an electron on one side of the universe that changes will instantaneously change one on th eothe side, since we've never even been further then the moon

    guess thats y its called a theory

    quantum physics is a bullshit science in my book, cuz u cant really prove half of the shit it states as fact, although i still find it pretty fascinating
  8. I love cracked :D

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