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    so as you read on about this plant you are going to find that it has been through a bit was my experiment plant. It was a beautiful plant that i was planning on having 12/12 from seed, but my light fixture ended up falling on it....this burnt it tremendously, but it pulled through. i'll put up pics to show the before and after. it was burnt on the stem and quite a few leaves. the stem turned a brownish color where it was burnt and drooped down a lot. so i decided i would try out LST for the first time. it took to it well. the very next day it was holding itself up and doing really well for what happened to it. so i was pumped about it again. it was growing great. i added superthrive to the water just to give it an extra boost. i've watered it twice with superthrive now, waiting for the water to dry up in between of course. Last night the plant looked all droopy, but only on one side. it's actually the top of the plant, but it's on the other side of the burnt stem. it just started showing this last night. it's gotten a little worse over night...i'm not sure what would do this. is it just all the stress it's been through finally catching up? any ideas on this would be awesome lol....also what should i do about it? should i just cut the top of it off so it leaves the nice healthy main part of the stem?

    the first pic is before the horrendous light fixture was beautiful...less than a month old with 11 finger leaves...

    the others are ones i've taken last night and/or this morning...

    btw yes i am only using one cfl light, and yes i know that this is not quite enough for it, but please stay on the topic.

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  2. come on guys.....nothing at all?! should i cut the top off?!
  3. i really wanna keep this thing alive so i can get some decent clones off of it or something....
  4. i'm not an expert by any means but what i would do is wait and see what happens to the top half of the plant. That stem looks pretty bad, but you never know what will happen. If worse comes to worst, chop it underneath the burnt part and one of the other branches will pretty much become the main stalk. let us know what you decide and how it turns out.
  5. i'm thinking i'm gonna end up just cutting the burnt part off...
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    you really messed that girl up with the light.

    stop giving it superthrive. thats why it looks all droppy and like death. you gave it an overdose of B vitamins. its your experiment plant, so who cares i guess. the healthier looking side may have a chance of survival but the part you burnt i would say its doubtful.

    flush out the soil and let it go for a couple of days. dont cut off the burnt part that looks like death, you already put her through enough stress. give it a week before you do any trimming, and ide feed her again in about a week. dont use superthrive anymore until you learn how to properly use it. reading things online doesnt make you an expert, either. see what happened when you gave it superthrive twice? you just about killed it. take it as a learning experience on how not to use B vitamins. also take it as a lesson on how to properly measure out nutrients. im bieng a dick about this because it takes alot of superthrive to do that in 2 feedings. ive used it plenty of times before and overdosed on the superthrive, and ive never had anything nearly that bad.
  7. i about half of what was suggested in a gallon of water, and i've never fed it anything. it's had nothing but water and that superthrive. and superthrive just practically revived another of my plants. and like i said it had been fine for about 2 days, and then got all droopy.
  8. yeah they suggest a ridiculous ammount to mix with 1 gallon. you should use about the size of a teardrop per gal. i use a drop that size per 5 gallons, since your plants really dont need b vitamins. they produce the vitamins naturally themselves, the superthrive just gives them access to it in the soil. since the plant has easier access to the vitamins, it can concentrate on other things and not have to worry about producing these vitamins. if you give it too much....thats what happens. i use great white mycorrizae (its early sorry for sp) which is naturally infused with b vitamins, where superthrive is inorganic. i only use the great white right after a transplant. the b vitamins really help relieve transplant stress. so if i were you, i would strictly use superthrive immidiatley after transplants.
  9. Also when growing in soil the effects of over nueting and the like can take days to see. unlike DWC which may show symptoms within hours so the 2nd dose of ST may just have hit her roots a few hours prior to you noticing the changes..
  10. well there are still no changes with the good side, in fact it looks better today and has grown. the droopy side is pretty much gone, i havent cut it yet. i havent used any nutes what so ever with this plant. oh and i've never had a plant go into shock from being transplanted yet.
  11. Is that dirt frm ur back yard ???
  12. yes it is >.>
  13. That could be a prob for ya to ur next go around git sum soil from a hydro store like roots organics I've had good luck with it I also use the cloth pots
  14. unfortunately there are no hydro stores around here :/ and i am going to eventually pick up some smart pots lol
  15. That sux lol
  16. yeah it really does lol
  17. Check into the roots organic cloth pots their like the smart pots but studery theis better bilt I think and u should look into a nutrent program and a ph meter and tds metter u can git a cheepy tds meter (total desolived solids) and in veg u want ur tds @ 400 in veg and 800 in bloom and make shur u ph ur nutes to u can git the drops to git u going but its a must and u want ur ph 6.0 to 6.5 I start out at 6.0 in early bloom and raise it as I get into later bloom

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  18. Sory bout the pic haha my ex I was tryin to send u a pic of the ph chart on nutrent abzorbson
  19. Here man got it for ya

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  20. lol it's cool. and thanks for the info!

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