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This thread is deticated to RMJL and Flowerchild

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. OK ladies now we don't have to go hunting around for the last post made.

    Now where were we? Ah yes having the true blessings of love!
  2. You ran away before you blessed me with all your love. I'm so hurt and confused..........I'll have to smoke a bowl just to get over the heartache of not being able to scream Thank you jesus.
  3. I already posted in the other thread about the bullwhip and cow poker.

    I will hope when i get back that you won't use the cow poker on me anymore. That thing hurts like hell!!!!!!!!!!

    I didn't mind the bull whip to much though!LMAO
  4. Yeah and I said I was sorry, i thought those were cries of ectasy not pain. It was my bad!!!!!!!!
  5. This is off subject but I think I got my cat a little too high just now. He is laying on my lap and his eyes are rolled back in his head and his tongue is hanging out. I think he has a better buzz than me and mine is pretty damn good!!!!!!!

    Oh where oh where has my Bud Head gone? I know, he has gone to practice his tongue using skills so he can be absolutely, no question about it, perfect for me.
  6. I accept the apology. I'll be back soon to care for you again!

    I think RMJL has left the building. She didn't even give me an autograph before she left!
  7. I know..........she could have at least told you goodbye before she left. Maybe the aliens abducted her like they did Elvis all those years ago????
  8. Aliens might be trying to find out how high she can get. LOL

    I have been stoned enough to lay around with my eyes rolled back and tounge sticking out. At one time or the other i have been that drunk too. The high was much better though!!!!!!!
  9. Whoa, now! I am back!!!!!!!! Someone mention a BULLWHIP??????

    I am ready for ACTION, baby!!!
    Let's get it going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah, I've had some drunks where I bonded with the porcelian god for hours on end because that was the only room in the house that didnt spin. But I must go to bed because my eyes are starting to cross. Talk to u later hon.......take care and keep burning on.........And you better hurry back to me because I'm getting awfully lonely in my big bed with only my stoned out cat to keep me company!!!!!
  11. gentle with the bull whip. He likes pain but he will run away if you try a poker. LOL. You all take care and be good. Until I see you again.............
  12. Sleep tight sweetie and don't let the cat bite!!!!!!LOL

    Where did you go bullwhip mistress????

    I hope you didn't have any fun with out me!!!!!!!!!!LOL
  13. I got that bullwhip from Normsy Poo!!! I scared him, though! Can you handle it Bud Head?????
  14. That would depend on you. Do you use it like your pissed at the world ? Like your mad as hell?

    Or do you use it playfully?
  15. Sorry babes. Got to go take cre of the baby. Time for the bottle!

    Sleep well RMJL! and to all the others out in stonerland!!!!
  16. Hmmmm....I'd like to say just playfully....well, I wouldn't!!! I won't be all mad and angry with it but I will crack that baby hard!!!!!
  17. I am scared as shit now. I hope i don't meet up with ya in a dark alley. You may have your dominatrix (SP) out fit on and crack me with that whip. Maybe i won't like it. What then??

    Is your whip special or do you use it on anyone??
  18. I love leather.........I have spent a mini fortune on all the leather clothing in my closet. LOL. But when it comes to whips.......NO MORE FOR ME!!!!!!! A little pain is good but the last time one was used, I felt like I was getting beat like a slave. I much prefer spanking without the crack of a whip.

  19. I will agree 100%

  20. Of course you would agree with little ole me!!!!!! LOL. A red headed woman is always right and if you question it, you will never win anyway..........even though "making up" is always a fun adventure in itself.

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