This this plant male or female? Too early to tell?

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  1. Hey Guys,

    So, I am about 90% sure this plant is a male, but sometimes females can look very similar to males especially at a young age. Before I go and pull the plant and dry it early to make butter out of (I am not wasting it) I want to make sure it's not female.

    I also attached a couple pictures of other plants (that I'm pretty sure are female, they don't have balls at the nodes like this one does) for your viewing pleasure. It's my first grow ever and I think they look and are very healthy!

    One last question: I got a calcium deficiency, and have been adding General Organics CaMg+, but the spots are still there. The new leaves don't have any though. Shouldn't the discoloring on the older leaves still go away?

    Thanks guys!


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  2. Looks male to me man... :(

    And i have same problem but have very bad rusty spots on a lot of the leaves, I started to add CALMAG but have read the spots don't go, just prevents new spots..
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  3. Calmag def isn't like acne - pigmentation is staying it's a repair thing now.

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  4. Oh no looks like a stud to me
  5. Top pic male 100%

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  6. Thanks a lot for the help, everyone. I will remove that plant tomorrow. The other three I have definitely look like females (more spindly and one has released the white hairs at the nodes). Is it time for me to LST the plants, or is it too late? I can do this by putting a stick in the ground and tying the plants to it so they are bent at a 30 or 40 degree angle, right? Or is it too late? The stems are awfly woody...
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  7. Lst is usually done in veg, but you definately could still tie some branches down now and be fine

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