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  1. So last night me and my brother got drunk, and i decided I'd roll a spliff for myself, i did so and then smoked it outside, there was more weed than tobacco in it, but when i got inside, about 10-15 minutes after i finished smoking it, i threw up. I know it wasn't the weed cause i wasn't even feeling the high for some reason, the tobacco fucked me up some how, why is that? And it wasn't the alcohol or i would of thrown up before right?
  2. Could be many things.

    1. Tobacco doesn't agree with everyone
    2. Could have been the Alcohol.
    3. You might have swallowed some smoke.
  3. Nicotine can be a stomach irritant. Combine that with alcohol and presto, pukesville. Tis' happened to me many a time.
  4. I've smoked spliffs before and not thrown up, maybe it was the alcohol with it then. It was a really shitty experience, my head was spinning a million and a half different directions.
  5. i usually puke when ive been up drinking all night, then smoke a blunt really late..doesnt sit well
  6. Yeah, it was probably a mix of the tobacco and alcohol. I know if I smoke after I've drank enough to get past tipsy, I'm in a world of spin real soon. Especially if you don't smoke cigarettes regularly. Those two factors would have set the room in motion for sure. But the upside is once I yak, I'm usually feeling like a millions bucks.
  7. Blame it on the a-ah-ah-alcohol
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    I've gotten the worst spins off drinking and smoking (weed) in the same night, I'd never blame Tobacco like the rest of the posters did because it wouldn't make sense if the spliff had such a small amount...

    You were obviously disoriented from the alchohol, not feeling the high yet the spins instead.

    Sure, I love weed, but when it comes down to it - it's just not a good combination for someone who's piss drunk, at least in my personal experience. I never mix those two due to the spins....
  9. I've had many bad experiences with tobacco and bud. Makes me throw up. If I wait a few minutes after it usually isn't too bad, and I've gotten more used to it the more I smoke tobacco.
  10. This is the reason i refuse to smoke tobacco, the only time i want it is when i'm drunk, and after i smoke it i puke everywhere. Shits not for me
  11. id say it was the tobacco. sometimes when i smoke too much i get nauseous/head achy, and end up throwing up.
  12. Probably from mixing the tobacco and alcohol. I'm used to it, but I used to get the spins from it.
  13. this is soooo wierd. i rolled a spliff last night too and i threw up from it. there was a lot of weed and tobacco in it. it was the tobacco though. ive never thrown up from weed. im done fucking around with tobacco at least in that amount.
  14. as a light-medium cigarette smoker (3-8 camels a day), i have to say the first time i smoked a spliff, i almost threw up. i actually gagged once or twice.

    my personal opinion, but many others seem to share it - tobacco and weed separately are fine, but together, the taste is just insane, def something that takes getting used to.

    also, for people that don't smoke regularly, that first hit of nicotine is responsible for that "headrush" or "spins" that people often talk about. this happens to me [and other cig smokers i've talked to] for my first cig of the day, given that i got a good break from smoking due to sleeping. this headrush can be overwhelming, ESPECIALLY if you're not a regular smoker, AND IF YOU'RE DRUNK lol.

    alcohol + anything that makes you feel queasy = hello dinner

    so my guess is that it was taste + nicotine + alcohol
  15. Because it kills you...

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