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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by SocialHeratic, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I wish to raise awareness of a terrible drug. I was brought up on it; my parents first gave it to me at the ripe old age of 4 years. My nan died from its regular prolonged use. Crimes related to the drug account for 54 percent of murders and attempted murders, 68 percent of manslaughters, 52 percent of rape/sexual assaults, and 48 percent of robberies in the United States. 40,000 babies are born each year with birth defects from their mothers' substance abuse.
    The drug in question is a central nervous system depressant that slows down body functions such as heart rate and respiration; large amounts lead to unconciousness and even death. It takes about 30 seconds for the first amounts of the drug to reach the brain after taking it. Once there, this terrible drug acts primarily on nerve cells deep in the brain.

    After taking this drug people get rowdy, aggressive, and experience blurred vision, slurred speech, poor muscle coordination, and a lack of rational judgment, leading to them possibly getting into situations that they would never normally have considered.
    If one has become physically dependant on the drug, cramps, vomiting, elevated blood pressure, sweating, dilated pupils, sleep problems, irritability and convulsions will be experienced when the drug is withdrawn. These can last up to two or three weeks, depending on the severity of the dependancy.

    "Can u guess what it is yet?"

    Yup, that's right, our good old legal friend, ALCOHOL!

    Consider this scenario - a group of mates are walking home late at night being rowdy, breaking things and generally behaving in a disgusting manner.
    Are these people stoned or drunk?
    I rest my case.
  2. you just summed up what I've been sayin for years.

    do something about the alcohol abuse problems before pointin the hypocritical finger at us peacefull folk.

    the biggest MJ opponants have no problem swilling back the evil drink.

    don't get me wrong.
    I drink beer, but I do it the same way I smoke, in moderation.

    bottom line, I agree with ya
  3. nice read

    it makes the attempts of advetising pot as bad appear truely weak. When you hear the TRUTH
  4. yep was a good read and damn i didnt know alcohol was THAT bad tho. jesus it causes alot of pain and death....
  5. I hate alcohol. Contradiction I kno, coz i work in a pub, but I have to pay my bills somehow huh! :)

    I'd rather take an e than get paralytic anyday.
  6. I stopped drinking because i almost died because of it. I drink here and there, but very lightly. Didnt even drink shampane for New years last night...

    At what point does it become acceptable for people to be such hypocrytes? To the point that people who wish no harm on anything alive or non alive have to go to jail... i'll even put it like this, if u dont wanna make alchohol illegal then make weed legal. Look at it like this... ppl's reasoning for the drink being legal could be summed up as this... Hey if you wanna fuck your body up thats on you. Okay.. now how can anyone say that and think pot should be illegal? Weed doesnt get you as fucked up as drinking does (on the same level that each can get u fucked up to)

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