This suspension will be the death of me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mystyclpork, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Whats up everyone, So i opted to pay for decriminalized weed and underage alcohol possession ticks on one occasion in november.. and another underage alcohol poss. ticket the day before christmas eve. I only payed this off because i have a pending case for when pot was illegal and waiting to finish community service before july. I definitely don't want to hear back from the system .

    So as I totaled up the amount of days(months) my license is revoked its 5 months..(so im eligible collectively in june) But Now i realize it says i have to wait 30 days PRIOR to eligibility to send in my payments (175 each infraction) which means SIX AND A HALF MONTHS, waiting to receive a response from them. Im beyond livid right now and I dont know why I didnt think of this earlier but talk about the shittiest start to summer break. :(

    I dont think i will have to pay out of pocket any other fucking fees but someone who has experience with this maybe can help me out?

    Thanks for listening to me gripe about problems and life, as us stoners hate to hear about em; but hey gotta help a brotha through his trials n tribulations! :smoke:
  2. You be all good man working on my last of 2 years for a damn grinder.
  3. Get your buddies to help out a friend in need.. thats what my friends would do. Just make sure you have money to throw down on bud and shit so they dont get pissed off driving you everywhere =p
  4. Damn man, I just lost my license for two years today. I just got into some college classes too and the judge (major bitch) doesn't even flinch at the fact I can't even drive myself to school. I'm not fucking this colllege thing up, all he classes are free and shit so I think I'm going to risk it.

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