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this summer blows

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by overgrowray, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. This summer really sucks one thing after another keeps fucking up. I kept saying to myself all winter that i was going to get a big harvest at the end of the summer, but i don't think i'm going to pull off even a 8th. I can't stand growing outdoors, i try and try but never get a good harvest, i'd really rather grow indoors. I'm really pissed off right now so i figured i'd bother you about this.

    Right when summer started i had 6 good female plants indoors that i put out, 3 died because of shock of moving them, one died later because of bugs, one my dad had in a shady area then moved it to a really sunny open area (are front yard) and we got a lot of sun that day and it burnt the fuck out of it(i knew it would). Then the last of the 6 is still alive but it was ate the fuck by bugs. I planted 20 seeds the day after the one plant burnt to hell, none of them seeds came up, then i planted 30, and 6 came up. So now i put them 6 in pots in a nice sunny area, i transplanted the ate up plant into a pot and put it over near the other 6. Them 6 were in a shady area and now there out in the sun but its really cloudy today i hope they don't burn up. It's july 10th and most my plants just started... errr this summer sucks.
  2. Sucks to be you huh....have faith,,patience,,it will work out eventually...

  3. i hope everything works out, i should try growing opium or salvia and sell that for cash for weed. hehe, but i really don't know were to get seeds for ether of them so i uno. My dads gettin pissed because nothing outdoors is doing well so i think hes going to give in and go with my plan to grow indoors, haha i finnaly get whut i wanted.
  4. Damn, overgrow, I wish my dad had been a little more "open" with the idea of growing at home...I could've been harvesting like crazy for several years now. But like Ndica said-- Patience --it's a must have. :)

    Farside 12
  5. all the opium plant is is poppies. you can get them from any nursery, almost. get the papaver soniferum ones. if you can't get to a nursery, buy poppy seeds from a supermarket. they will grow as long as they weren't cooked. but we just went to a nursery and got the healthiest looking plant and planted it in my moms garden. she had been babbling about poppies anyway so i fully supported the idea. the only bad part about that is it may take about a year for it to reach maturity (at least thats what my mom said)
  6. patience is something i don't really have, hehe. oh and pyro i like your willie nelson quote. Yeah i was thinking if i did get some poppy seeds i'd probably wait till next year to grow um, or maybe just start one indoors and keep it as a mother if it can be cloned.... errr i uno i'm not thinking too straight i need to get high first.
  7. WOW. look at how old this thread is! It was made a couple months before I tried weed. were you underage when you made this thread, dude?
  8. Fucking don't gravedig.
  9. I think you meant to say "Don't fucking gravedig."

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