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Discussion in 'General' started by slyghtlystoopid, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. my friends parents drug test him every so often and the last couple times hes been clear. i guess he thought they were gunna stop drug testing him so he smoked this whole past week. he just smoked a shitload with me last night and today, and just got randomly tested. that fuckin sucks. that, and i think his parents might call mine because i was with him this whole weekend pretty much. fuck.
  2. No offense, but if you\'re 18, why would his parents call your parents?
  3. They wouldn\'t. Let\'s get this spring cleaning started right. Get rid of the underagers starting now.

  4. yea tats too bad im not underage. screw both of you
  5. my parents would call others lol. i\'m tired of people thinking that if they are 18 they can do whatever they want...although for some people it is, for alot of people that isnt true. A lot of parents....errr, well some, pay for their kid\'s cars and college money. You just can\'t say \"fuck off\" to them. Now after college that would be a different story lol
  6. Excuse me? Are you telling Rummy to screw herself? See ya later buddy, looks like you have a ticket on the BANNED-train.

  7. ^Really, if you want to stay you shouldnt tell the mod to screw herself.

  8. I just asked a question. That\'s all. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt on your age. However, you came back with disrespect. Disrespect sucks more than being underage.

  9. Ahem...I\'m one of the Admins! That\'s even worse. :p
  10. Yeah, and he told me to screw myself, and I\'m a wanna-be mod. haha. Even though that\'s not bad, it\'s still disrespectful. We all love RuMJiL here. :smoking:

  11. Whats the difference between a mod and admin? I thought they were just different names for the same thing.:confused:
  12. Admins have rights to edit or delete posts in any forum, as well as access to all settings for the entire forum software package. Mods are assigned certain forums that they have rights to edit or delete posts in. Super mods have rights to edit or delete posts in any forum, but no rights to modify the settings of the actual forum software. Plus, Admins make the final decisions on everything that has to do with anything. We provide guidance for the Mods and Super Mods.
  13. Sorry, but this stuff does not fly on our forums. Blatant disrespect to members, especially ones that actually run the City isn\'t tolerated. Go find another forum to hang out on.
  14. Thank you Indy. I think the City is finally taking a step twords the right direction.

  15. AHH! i so wanted to reply something back like \"IndianaToker smells like garlic baby poo\", but i definatley whimped out.

    If i got banned, i don\'t know what i\'d do with myself.
  16. what the...i tried to reply, but it wouldn\'t let people are replying again?

    i had a great response for him...respectful, yet insightful
  17. Yea, the thread was closed. Then it got re opened
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