This Story Makes Me Wanna Puke

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    This story is what's wrong with our country. Dude is out driving drunk, "KILLS" a kid, "FLED" the scene of the crime. and gets 2 years in jail. Does "6 MONTHS". WhiskyTangoFoxtot.....what's laughable is they wanna charge the mom with the death of her kid. I know people how have gotten longer time for possession of weed, which didn't kill anyone or hurt any one. Something has to give. 

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    It said the charges against her were dropped and she only had a pay a $200 jaywalking fee. Still fucked up but that's the world of beaurocratic technicalities. The justice system is based off things like numbers and word placement, not common sense.
  3. America fails when it comes to the justice system
  4. America has no justice system only injustice
  5. what really messed up is dude was in jail 6 months SMH. I mean people get more time than that for non violent stuff.
  6. I'd like to know what political party these judges belong to..
  7. there "ALL" crooks!!!
  8. When I find him, I'm going to rape the living shit out of uncle Sam. I'm going to make a giant dildo from an oak tree and I'm going to shove it up his anus all the way out his mouf.

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