This stallion ain't what he used to be.

Discussion in 'General' started by AstroDank, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Im going bald, my body makes new and strange noises. And i dont look anything like i did 10 years ago.

    Sometimes i try to reminisce on the old days but i was that blasted i have no memory of good times just pictures.

    How do i capture my youth before it's too late?
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  2. Get in shape,Trade the wife in for a younger model, n get ya some Viagra.
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  3. LOL. I was seeing a younger bird 2 months ago but it didnt work out.
  4. Wear a hat, i doo_O...
  5. I have been the last 2 years, its thinning at the front. Maybe i need ashley and martin hair growth specialists.
  6. Im going on 12. Still got hair past my shoulders, but a bloody round patch missing top dead center.

    I can't cut it off I've thought about it, still have my original pubes:rolleyes:.
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  7. Or wear a bandana on the for head like Danny [​IMG]

    Higher then normal hairline
  8. Na had a sparky out a few months ago installing my CCTV camera's and he done that whole hair transplant thing. Yeah it worked he said but it was funny looking so back to a crew cut he went.

    Anyway the hair you lose on top will adjust to what starts growing out your nose & ears. Lol...
  9. haha its happening as we speak.
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  10. Get some bosley, fucking expensive but my moms BF had it done and you cant even tell he lost hair.

    I'm about to hit my 40s and I can tell my body is slowly going down hill.
    Need to hit the gym again, but food is so good!
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    Shave it off. Embrace it. It’s liberating. I’m of the opinion that a goatee or beard balances a bald dome rather well. But thats me lol

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  12. Shave head and grow sideburns and a goatee...

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