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This site is killing my finances...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zylark, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. i need a dsl-connection like right now...

    Beeing a city addict on a 56k connection is not an option. it cost like a buck an hour, and considering the amount of time i use here... Jeez. Will the city refurbish some of my expences :D

    i thought not. No way back then. ADSL here i come!
  2. I never had a problem paying for my internet connection. Maybe you should get a lower local rate from your phone company?
  3. go cable if abalible.....
  4. started with dial up and a 1.33 pent.Now have cable and some way fast fucker that the kids down load the latest movies with ?????????????.:D.l may have been suckered by the kids but for a stoned old dude l,am nearly keeping up ,lol.....
  5. Man. Fuck hourly charges.
    I leave my computer online 24/7.
  6. i just pay 13 pounds a month and i can stay online 24/7....

    i thought hourly charges were a thing of the past...
  7. HIGH All, well back in 98' when I first hit the net I was paying $19.95 a month for 60 hours and if going over your time it was $1.50 for every time I had to pay 98 bucks because of going over 60 hrs. Then we say fuck it lets get more a 120 for $12.95 per month for your first 3 months, then pay just $21.95 per month. Now I had some hours...I wasn't going fast enough, we have ADSL for $39.95 something like that. Am I happy you bet!!!

    When the cable came out up here on The WET Coast it was like a $100 for a month, it's down to $60 I think.
  8. i think my adelphia cable is 40 per month internet and 40 per month TV but im not quite sure
  9. DSL isnt that popular down here... we all use cable because its just one bill! Its so fast to and you never have to worry about dialing in or anything, I love it!
  10. My internet is cable, and charges you by the download.

    Im aloud to download like 10 GB a month (my computer is only 6 :D) and I can upload 1 GB.

    well i left my Kazaa on all month in april, and I guess alot of peope downloaded porn off me, cuz i ended up with 40 GB of UPLOADS!!!! (forgot to turn uploads off when I i downloaded Kazaa Lite)

    My internet bill came. 1250$!!!!! FOR ONE MONTH!!!

    Luckily the bill guy gave me the month for free and determined that KAZaa fucks over alot of people that way. i turned it off, and now im back to about 30$ a month.
  11. wow. I didnt know it was that much of a problem, for all of you without speedy connections.. we had aol and the extra phone line for a long time, we finally switched over to cable got rid of the line and thing we ever did. I think it was $10 extra a month, but not that much of a difference in the cost for what its worth, if you can get cable in your area.

  12. i say goddmaned what a bill. Luckily you got that break, but 1250$ ???

    I've ordered a subscription with unlimited up and download at minimum 900kbs. Cost me 'bout 45$ a month.

    All i need now is a crate of beer, ditto glass-colas, a freezer full of pizza and a pound of weed, and i'm ready for a month with slothing infront of the computer

  13. I have a satellite connection.. 80 dollars a month and can do what ever I please!!!
  14. " charges you by the download.

    Im aloud to download like 10 GB a month (my computer is only 6 ) and I can upload 1 GB."

    That is weeeeird. Never heard of that. I had a satellite connection once. It sucked cause I like to play online games like halflife mods and such. And there is a delay in the connection or somethin that made my latency slightly worse than 56k. But it downloaded fast.

  15. Because all uploads are done just like that, a 56k modem.

    Satellite connections are ONE way, download only. All input...including forms etc is done over a 56k'er.

    Useful when you're ouyt in the sticks though.

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