This show is on at 3am on the kids channel.

Discussion in 'General' started by Ezav420, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. haha i saw this once, watching it on shrooms would b so fun
  2. that is just weird

    when ure stone, u ended up watching soap operas without relizing it
  3. what's the kids channel?
  4. me and my friends watched boobahs while rolln one night .... then we had the "bright" idea to try and do there lil dances with em .. damn them fuckers well wear you out
  5. well right now its got mister roger on..

    and itrs got clifford the big red fucking dog, and arthur.. you know the kid channel. :cool:

    hey man, im not watching roger now or anything shit..:smoking::smoking:

    but yeah..that show. what kid is watching tv at 3am. the site describes it for PRESCHOOL kids.

    i think we all know who the REAL target audience is. i bet if there were commercials they would all be fast food.
  6. yes it called the media, they are brain-washin us sayin
    drugs are kool, school are bad

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