This shouldnt be happening grass city

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fuckstemsdude2, May 17, 2010.

  1. Weed should make everything better, more enjoyable and improve your life. But 90% of posts on here are about getting caught, your fucked up story, how your life is ruined or how you need a new piece i just think this is a perfect example why people need to cheer up live life and just go with the flow
  2. lol k, when u get busted, dont tell us haha
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  3. i can tell your a lil older (atleast like 25) alot of people and kids today just dont appreciate things like they used to, most things in life are givin.
  4. That's because a large percentage of the membership here is comprised of underage, annoying, douche bag kids.
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  5. Yeah the above posts basically summarize it. It's weird, the other day I noticed that there's never anything good on the news, go to like and 9/10 of the news stories are like "car bomb in south pakistan, 33 dead, 16 injured"
    WTF?! what happened to the joy in the world :cry:
  6. Theres too many trolls. But the stories about getting caught and crap arent a big deal unless theyre like "OMG mai lief is ROOIN3D NAO! my m0m caught m3 with w33333d (and im 18 so d0nt ban m3 pl0x!!1)!!!1". Otherwise they can go in the "real life stories" forum, so if you dont want to read them, dont go there.
  7. Shit like that has been going on since life began.

    Some just aren't reported.

  8. this.
  9. QFT

    there is a grasscity confessional..

    especially for those of you who just bitch randomly

    I can understand if u got drug busted or something epicly bad happened, but if not...
    use the search button and feel the empathy, emphasize the real life story, not how bad you want to slit ur own wrists :cry:
  10. People post these stories and topics because they bare meaning, or they're in search of answers to ailments. Not everyone is as happy as you, man.

    Personally, I'm glad grasscity isn't limited to just threads stating "Weed feels good, man. It r0cks my s0cks!!11"

    We still get enough of those as it is.
  11. I have a list of awesome shit that I do when im high lol
    but im afraid to share it cuz its on my phone too so i can remember to do it lol

  12. "everythings going just fine" doesnt make much of a news story :rolleyes:
  13. I agreed. too many i got caught stories.
    I think it has less to do with people being negative and more about people not doing anything interesting, just smoking pot at home while living with their parents.

    We need more good vibes and threads that mean more or have really interesting stories.
    Hopefully everyone gives their best to be nice and live a full life, then report back to GC :D.

  14. Makes me feel fuzzy inside though :(
  15. ladies and gentlemen...just hit the blunt..and lean back...and chill happy :D :smoke:
  16. what im saying
  17. Personally i love the busted stories. Great knowledge on what not to do. Has saved my ass a few times from knowledge gained here.

  18. Not much else can be said other than why make a thread stating a problem when weed should just make everything better?

    Spark up. :)

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