This should be stopped

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  1. You just now seen this there have been multiple threads on this. And yes it's fake but do you really think this won't be happening.
  2. Agreed..
    But let the Open Market put them out of business..  We have seen 70+ years of results of the Government's intervention....
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    Open market put them out of business. Yeah right. People will eat it up.
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    I dont think big tobacco would market marijuana cigarettes. They'll get into marijuana distribution but with all the strains of marijuana I dont think they can make a consistent product that people will always buy.

    As for the article it might have warranted a fact check by me if it didnt mention the companies contacting drug traffickers. I stopped reading at that point.
  6. Of course this is going to happen eventually, I expect it to happen.  The uninformed think that weed is weed so they don't care what they get, its all the same right?
  7. Yeah but once they realize that it isnt they wont buy it at least not as much. I am sure youll have a few people who dont want to roll a joint but still want something they can smoke real quick. I dont think the profit they'll make from selling them will be worth it for them.
    They will make the attempt but it wont last.
  8. this is fake i read another article  earlier saying obama just passed a plan making it mandatory for  every american to buy  a assigned amount of marijuana per month and not doing so will lead to a $2000 dollar fine for first offence then a year of prison for a second offence 
  9. Just look at all the kids post on this site. Oh I can't wait to be legal and just walk into a 7/11 and buy a pack of pre rolls. 5 bucks for a pack of pre rolled cigs. You think people would really care what it is.
  10. Yes, I think people will care in the long run.
  11. Fake but in the not so distant future (within 10 years) it will become a reality. Greedy tobacco companies will suck the market up...

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