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Discussion in 'General' started by Luvdabuddah, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. yeah so the other day...and mind u i am 33 years mom calls me @ my grannies and asks me if im in trouble...i'm confused @ this point :confused: i'm like "uh no!! not that i know of" she says "well there was 2 cops here lookin for u with some other guy from the nursing investigator" so i got the #'s from her called dude up asked like wtf u bring COPS to my MOMS for?!?! he starts off with this story that while i worked @ this LTC facility there was a complaint on u...mind u i havent been employed for 13 months ( off on workers comp)then he says he only brought the cops coz he didnt know his way round this town...yeah right... nehoo later in conversation he says...well the complaint may not be against u but we were hopin u could help us with our investigation!!! wtf man he wants me to roll on some other nurses i worked with...i meet with him today @ 11 should be interestin but i aint sayin shit ! lol wtf
    do unto others as you'd have em do unto u! thats my story and im stickin to it :p ne hoo i'll post the outcome after the meetin...unless they hall my ass to rehab or jail lol
    peace,love and serenity!!
    toke on :smoke:
    gunna fire one up omw too...we're meetin @ the library lmao!! ~irony~
  2. ok so im home now...the "interview" took 2 hours...first hours was him telling me the rules and laws of the board of nursing blah blah blahbiddy blah! then came accusations insinuations etc.... he basically only had on me that i didnt sign the back of med records ~~which is NO BIG DEAL!!! so then he proceeds to ask me if I ever took pills from the patients and ingested them myself?!?! i said NO why would i do that i get my own scripts. so then!!! he starts mentioning my best friends name...she is a nurse hoo to make a long story short he asked me same question bout her like 7 times and said if i knew anything NOW would be the time to tell him...well i stuck to my story..i worked 3rds and i was the only nurse on my end wtf the other nurse ( which was primarily my best friend) did on her end i have no idea...and he brought up some felony drug charges that she got busted for and wanted ME too add to that!!! i was like DUDE! im not a DOCTOR and i cant diagnose so what ur asking me to tell u with no proof is basically "hearsay" and i dont repeat RUMORS. so as far as i know i am like i figured but my friend i do believe will have to go thru court proceedings and rehab thru the state if she wants to keep here license...which totally sux for her but could be worse...she COULD get prison time so...lesser of 2 evils i spose ~~nehoo
    peace...toke on!!!:smoke:
  3. Don't you just LOOOOVE the feeling when, during the interrogation, you realize. "You haven't got shit against me" so you just sit there, look at the dudes as if they were complete morons and go "you've just asked me that? You got any NEW questions or can I go now?"

  4. "Your a nurse, Foker?"
  5. lol yep have been for 8 years now :D

  6. yes i hate that! he was drillin me pretty hard too tellin me if i have any info this is the time to tell him...coz if he finds out more later on me then it will NOT be GOOD :( what a fawker i thought bout that alot last night and how i have been sick for like 3 weeks and ironically thats about when he got a hold of me to set up an appt to meet him...and he didnt tell me till after i told him atleast 6 times i had nuffin for him that he really didnt have anything on me!!! fawker!!!! :(
    owell HOPEFULLY it's over for me but i did talk to my friend last night and told her regardless of what happens they are going to make her go thru rehab IF she wants to keep her license co ...and im sure it was illegal for him to show me...he showed me all the records she signed narcs out on and asked how i could NOT notice THAT!?!? im like well im there to do my job...thats what they have SUPERVISORS for!!!! :confused:
  7. yeah so im thinkin this shit is i got a call from that dude from nursing board again y/d...he jus inquiring ifin i had "rememebered" anything he could use im like no dude i told u we worked on seperate ends so then i call my friend back and she tells me...i have somethin to tell im waiting while she "spits" it out....she says thats not the only script i worte there are 5 other pharmacies and the board of pahrm is pressin charges on me too!!! i'm like fuck man i thought ok so ya fucked up n learn so now im askin her wtf she was thinkin...she gets all quiet then asks me if i have any vicodin or ativan i wanna sell!!!:eek: what the fuck!?!?!?! lol luv the girl dearly but jeeez man i dunno need the fuckin law on MY ass jus coz she's a DUMBASS .so then she decides to start shit wif ma old man he dun like her anyway but im on the phone with her and theyre like yellin shit back n forth so i drop the phone go in ma room and hit ma bong lol...few mins later the old man comes in asks me why i jus dropped everythin and went to toke without him lmmfao!!!! DUHHHHHH i jus told hin ifin he wanted to bitch n so did she go for it ima gettin stoned who knows i be waitin to see if i hear any more from them! hope not man fuck leave me alone lmao!
    toke on :smoke:

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