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this shit ever happen to you???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AtomBong, May 25, 2009.

  1. so ive been smoking after school for a while now but ive been smoking all together since 8th grade. anyway, i have a creek thats always dried up next to my school and theres plenty of good spots to smoke and thats usually where i call up some people to get some herbal. in one instance, i was at the benches and i was with some people and a few of them could get some weed cause i had money, and apperently one of my friends left to get some and they didnt even tell me so while they were gone, one of my other friends called up someone to drive down and drop off a sack. while the other guy was still on his way, my other friends showed up with the weed and i was a little suprized cause they never told me. so now theyre kinda mad cause i might not buy it but then i decide to buy it anyway and the guy driving to me had to turn around and go back home. so the friend that called up the guy to drive down was pissed at me because i "catted" his dealer. and this created all kinds of drama and it was a bunch of bullshit. this shit ever happen to anyone here? it kinda pisses me off when nobodys clear with theyre info. so sorry if ive been rambling for a while but i had to let off some steam. just cant wait till i pick up my 8th of kush on tuesday:smoking:
  2. cant decipher it??
  3. if you mean had some confusion with getting bud, then yes
  4. Where can i get that, what you have.
  5. From what I can gather, he called up his dealer to pick up a bag but his friends had already picker up a bag for him. So he had to call his dealer again saying that he already had weed and the dealer was pissed because he was driving out to him for no reason.

    And yes, it has happened to me once but everything ended well because one of the dealers didnt get back to me.
  6. No, and i hope it never does.

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