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this shit cant be really happening?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by forkmehard, Mar 4, 2011.

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    im in a fraternity (a cool legit smoking one)
    my girlfriend is in a sorority...

    today is obviously thursday and therefor, college drinking day.
    I worked 4 to 9 today and got off, and then went to my apartment for a little, meanwhile my girl is at her sorority pregaming/partying (shes 19, im 20)

    i hate alcohol.

    she ended up calling me before i even got out and said i needed to come pick her up because she got into a huge argument with one of her sisters and stuff, and she was walking down to where my frat house is... so i drove down to pick her up, and she's screaming about her sister to everyone and making a fuss, and i can tell shes pretty damn drunk. im sober. we went up to the bathroom and talked for a bit and she wasnt feeling good, so we decided id drive her back up..

    i walked her out to my car and then realized i left my glass bowl thing with one of my brothers and went in to grab it. but they were using it, so i went back outside 5 min later or so and she fell asleep.. i was gonna go right back up to the apartment, but my car was way low on gas. so i ran to sheets which is a little out of the way, and lit up a cig on the way there..

    when i got there, i wasnt done and didnt want to pull up to the pump, so i went in a regular spot.. and sat there for a min, and then she woke up and kept burping and shit.. and then it happened, she tried to cover her mouth and i had no bags.. and some car JUST pulled up beside me on her side of the car. so she ended up throwing up everywhere.. all over herself and stuff. and i was like aw shit.. wtf do i do now? i cant just go pump gas while shes puking everywhere!?

    so i starting to drive back up to her apartment.. and theres this last little hill, and then its all downhill. well i started going up the hill, and it started sputtering.. i ran out of fucking gas, and i was so close, but im on a campus road, with curbs on both sides and NO extra room.. so i had to pull over with the flashers on

    i didnt have enough time to thing about what i was going to do, because 3 cars passed me, and the fourth?

    those god awful fucking lights.

    comes up on the passenger side because the drivers side would be dangerous i guess (small road), and knocks on the window.. asked whats wrong.. "outta gas" blah blah, but my gf reeks of alc and has puke all over.....

    had a g or 2 of bud in my pocket and apparently 4 bowls in my car. and honestly i forgot about it all. i was paranoid about my gf being drunk, i didnt even think or remember i left the bowl in the consol, and the weed in my pocket.

    needless to say, it was in plain view, searched my car, searched me...

    they said id be charged with misdemeanors or w/e you spell that shit for possession and paraphernalia, and id have to go to court and all this crap.

    i guess what pisses me off the most, is that the guy said if i told him my dealer, he pointed to the hood of the car with all the shit i had, and said it could all be gone. plus he was cracking jokes about "pot heads" and "drug users".

    but i would never snitch.

    what my question really is, is that im obviously a college student (do i lose student aid over a little bit of pot!?). first time offender, only thing ever with law? speeding tickets, 3 of em.. thats it. i was 100% compliant, completely polite, said sir, coop'd with em as best as i could, and all i was trying to do was take my gf back home.. but what do you guys think theyll end up doing?
    just looking for opinions.. i know what COULD happen.

    also, he mentioned something about my court date being something about a week or so?
    is it really one week from today? i live in PA and am flying to FL for spring break saturday until next saturday.. bought the plane tickets and everything.

    how fucked am i?

    sorry for rant
  2. damn man i got no advice or anything to offer you sorry but u have my condolences you seem like a good guy and it sucks that this happened:(

    personally i dont think it will be that big of a deal, good luck :smoke:
  3. That sucks man... theres always the possibility that the cop wont show up to the court date which means you win. but since you were polite theyll be easy on you. just look sad and innocent and keep saying "i was just trying to get my girlfriend home." Im not sure how strict PA is about that stuff because im from mass but im now in Fl, but best of luck man.
  4. Let your gf know she need to pay your fines...I hate that someone's future would be fucked because of weed...and the circumstnces that led to it were because of alcohol..

    It sounds like you had minimal amount of shit on you...you might get off with a fine...not sure what laws are in PA, but in VA I was busted for par. and a quarter oz like 15 years ago ..lol...on the way to a Jerry Band show....all they did was fine us like 300 bucks.
  5. I would like to hear about you blowing up a station. But...
  6. Were you caught on campus, and did they report it to the campus authorities? If not, you should be okay. However, once the school knows, it could go either way, depending on their policy.
  7. Like everyones been saying it's up to the school if your aid is from them. I didn't get any of m scholarships taken away when I was arrested but the key part is to make sure you DON'T GET FOUND GUILTY OF A CRIME. Get a lawyer, if you're at penn state or u penn I'm sure there's some bomb student attorneys on campus. Good luck man

    Also, depending on the laws in your state there may be some type of diversion program that will get the charges dropped with either community service and/or probation.
  8. another thread about how a girl ruins everything.
  9. Damnit dude that seems like fate to me.

    All I can say is don't ever snitch, and just play it easy, it's not a big deal really.
  10. im not even taking it hard or anything.. i feel like i have no emotion really
    like, shit happens, what can i do? i was trying to do a good deed, and smoke a little.

    but i know itll hit me later when my parents get the letter in the mail and i have to show up at this court date. and if anything happens to my student loans

    fuck alcohol.

    you know what i did after all this happened?

    a couple huge rips off the grav to calm my nerves and just chill. i felt like i was just on tv.

  11. That's good bro. I usually felt the same when bad shit happened to me, sometimes you just can't do anything about it.

    Alcohol is poison, literally.
  12. 1. dump gf
    2. smoke more weed
    3. go to court
    4. ????
    5. profit
  13. Why not? I would have. Cars need gas to go. She needs to puke. It's the best of both worlds.
  14. damn dude, the planets were not aligned it seemed...

    but seriously good job not snitching. no matter what happens you know your not a bitch. if it didn't happen on school prop or with a school cop then unless someone goes out of their way to tell em, i don't think the school will find out.

    peace brotha gl

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