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  1. So there are like a billion reasons why marijuana should be legal and decriminalized that make so much sense and are very straight forward like a easy math problem.

    And we all know that the majority of people who don't believe in that are told facts that are lies and just believe them because they don't know any better just see it all as a joke when it's really not..

    The government has obviously dodging addressing it and doing something about it rather then complain about a war no one wants to fight any more.

    What I really don't get why is why havent we done something years ago if it's been proven more safe then practically every prescription and can help multiple ailments while if you want to do that with prescriptions it can potentially kill you.

    So back to the question at hand.. Is there anylogical reason for the government to not legalize tomorrow and have it finally behind them? This is America right?... I mean hasn't it only been illegal for a little while now and its been proven that prohibition gets nothing done but make things worse?
  2. Ef the government, we the people are more important
  3. They're "logical" reason is that once Marijuana is legalized, it will slowly "overtake" other businesses. If the federal government said "Hey! Marijuana is a great substitution for these other drugs etc." The pharmaceutical companies would lose mass amounts of money. Then you have hemp, which would destroy certain paper companies. Basically, these companies have way to much invested in the government to let legalization happen any time soon unfortunately.
    Also they would basically have to admit they have been lying to us for the last 80 years or so.
    I'm thinking now what we need to do is push our reps. to pass a balanced budget amendment. Doing that will force them to take a long hard look at programs that are wasting money like the war on drugs and give them a good out for eliminating them programs.
  5. probably cuz it gives you brain cancer but other than that i dont see a reason why
  6. What? :confused_2:
  7. Pretty simple really. It's the money and our government being stubborn and not wanting to admit that they were wrong.

  8. Ok. So why can't we demmand change? If most people are lied too about it or just don't know the truth. And the government is supporting it being illegal because its giving them money..

    Doesnt this basically mean the government is abusing its power over us? They are literally lying out their asses to us just so they can get money to spend on things like weapons which we honestly don't need any more off?
  9. ^^^lol you obviously dont get it!

    you think nixon and reagan made all the drugs illegal to protect you? You think the government gives a damn about 'abusing power'???

    Have you ever noticed how politicians just bullshit their way through interviews and dont really say anything, EVER?

    The constitution was meant to limit the governments powers and protect the peoples rights. The constitution is slowly but surely being eroded much longer til the people finally revolt? Im guessing at least 10-20 more years.

    My guess is...things will get much worse before they get better.
  10. Because many of our politicians earn a lot of campaign money from various lobbyists who would much rather keep marijuana illegal. It's corruption at its finest.
  11. Did I say they were protecting me by making them illegal? No I didn't. I didn't say that any where.
  12. “The preservation of a free government requires not merely, that the metes and bounds which separate each department of power be invariably maintained; but more especially that neither of them be suffered to overleap the great barrier which defends the right of the people."
    --James Madison
  13. We did demand change, we got Obama instead.
    The govt. has been abusing it's power over us since the 60's at least. Maybe longer, but I didn't become aware of what happens in govt. till I was 15 or so which was around 1965.
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    Lol I laughed so hard haha
  15. It will never be legalized face it guys. It can't be taxed. It would kill other companies who put under-the-table money into politician's pockets. There's just no way.....

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