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  1. Well with the weather rain and little digging critters this season I just cant seem to win. First my solo cups got flooded had to transplant them right away. Had 4 of them only 1 made it due to shit digging in my pots. Now Im left with 3 plants 2 medium sized ones. One got ripped clean out the soil by something then left next to the pot. I put it right back in the soil now its pretty much a handicaped plant. and the other one is as healthy as can be praying it comes outs a female. Stinks like all hell from about 5 feet away. And the third one is a small one about 10 inches off the ground. Anyone else in NJ having these problems

  2. I know how you feel. I'm in the northeast and I put some out too early and died from frost. Then I thought my chicken wire fence was secure with a couple plants. They got dug up by critters tho and also had my holes flood so bad that I now have to use 30-50 gallon rubber maids. But we will get through it with great experiences and be better from it. Good luck.
  3. set some barriers dude.. if something can rip them out put up a cage something at least until its big enough to fend for itself... umm as for drowning plants, its called channel 4 news bro... cover them or take them underneath a roof... or they will fucking die.
  4. trash can... tarp... a fucking mini gazebo.. etc..
  5. I will just be a smart ass and say your problem is your on the wrong coast! Check out my bigol bushes west coast baby!
  6. PassDat, as I appreciate you trying to help, I do have chicken wire as a fence. It just wasn't secure the first time. And to flooding, I'm in the fucking woods. I can't cover them or bring them inside. I know what I'm doing, just had a bad luck start.

    RichardDean, I have been watching yours as well as the other NorCal grows and man I wish I was out there brotha. My average last frost is about mid may so its shitty. And since I'm in the woods I can't really get a good start and take some big plants into the woods without many ppl noticing.
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    I hear ya bro took me ten years of growing inclosets and geurilla grows in the woods before I gotout here. I know the frustrations. Get out here man there is plenty of room.
  8. You're not joking around RD, are you?  I may have read you wrong on previous threads.  It took me this long to realize that you really mean it when you tell us to get out to Cali and live the good life.  That's pretty cool. 
  9. Yes I mean every word. If I cn do it anyone can if its your desire then go for it. Dreams do come true.

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