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This schwag is pretty good!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JBright, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. So I got this brown ass dirt looking weed from my friends homie and he said how the weed didn't get enough lighting and shuit.

    But I been on a t break for two weeks then when I smoked it took 4 hits to get me then I killed the joint. Next day i vaped it no taste a little harsh. But it still got me pretty stoned for like a 40 second miles high moment. Only crap is it's harsh makes my mouth helllaaa dry! But it gives mad munchies!! The high is short.

    There wasn't any seed in the nug I got. But the bag might. Didn't give me a headache

    How much would u pay for something like that? How much an Oz ?
  2. zero dollars and zero cents.
  3. zero dollars and zero cents.
  4. I got some bubblegum?
  5. In all honesty I've smoked schwag that wasn't terrible but why not just buy dank? You can smoke half as much and get a better high.
  6. Eh, probably about... Tree Fiddy

    [ame=]3 fiddy - YouTube[/ame]
  7. i would not smoke any weed that's brown
  8. 50 a ounce in Texas
  9. Sounds like you're better off making edibles or QWISO with it than smoking it.
  10. i don't see why people diss schwagg. i buy some schwagg and it's really good. tastes amazing, has nice amber hairs and it isn't compressed too much.

    i also smoke dank, but i like to only smoke it on special occassians

  11. If its good, tastes amazing, and has nice amber hairs I doubt it is the same type of schwag we are thinking about. No, I would never buy schwag lol. I had a bag a few months bag of some bud that smelled like cat mildew and piss. Fuck that shit.
  12. Not even for free.
  13. I've smoked some pretty bad schwag, we call it "K" in Kansas city, but it usually not brown. $5 a gram is the norm for that stuff, 50-60 for a half, 80ish for an O. If I smoke it I usually end up rolling it in a jay or a blunt, seems like a waste to put dank stuff in something that wastes a good deal of smoke.

    The high is definitely way shorter, but whatever floats your boat.
  14. 5 bucks a g or less. id like to roll a 2g blunt of it
  15. That shwaaaag is spooooooooo goopd i smoke shwaggy poo wap
  16. Lets see some pics of it.

    If you bought it for the commercial value, make hash and sell it.
    Hash is a lot less common than bud, so you can usually get away with charging a little extra.

    That said, fuck selling bud, smoke it yourself.
  17. Dry for 2 weeks, then gotta wait another full week and half to get the dank shit. Old connect doesnt seem to have shit anymore. and I just met this guy from another friend. His trying to whole sale it but Im not gonna smoke all that shit in 1 week lol, it was a last resort kinda thing.

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