This really sucks.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Badgerrskihigh, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Ok so im out in Cypress California, "bout 15 mins from huntington beach", for about a week. Out here doin some construction, anyways.... Well when we left az, i contemplated on bringin some buds with me, but of course didnt, beacause thats how smart I am, and now im stuck up here till friday without my after work relaxant.

    To make it even better, while on break, me n my forman walked across the street to a jack n the box for lunch, n we eat n what not. well while were sittin their, a girl walks up with a back pack n asks, "you need a sack", well i mean im sittin here going " FUCK YES" in my brain, i mean nothins better than buyin bud off a good lookin girl, however my forman right next to me probably wouldnt take to kindly to this. So i say no sorry im workin, she says "yea me too." and laughs, and leaves.

    So here I am back in hotel, with no bud, and well as title says, this really sucks...wheres the chick wit the bag now!!!
  2. gawwsh. Could score the bag *and* the chick though
  3. trust me, had i not been with my forman, i would have gladly picked up, then let her chief on the blunt for a lil while :]
  4. Damn, thats just overkill. Well it would be nice if you could score some but you might have to ride it out. Best of luck to ya.
  5. one day ill hope to have connects everywhere, so ill never have this problem again

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