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    so Its 3 in the mourning and I have to get up tomorrow; I am almost out of weed, so I emptied out some partially vaped hash from my vape pen, threw it in my bong, which I got from my closet, and proceeded to smoke. Heres the thing it was dark as fuck in my room I was sitting on my bead blowing hits ouut of my window. I got pretty stoned too. anyways, when Im done I turn the light on, idk why I was in the dark btw. and I look down in my bong. now my bong has 2 chambers, and a showerhead diffuser at the top. well I ook down and I see this crazy pattern tha loos like a centepede, I thought It was a crack in the glass from an Ice cube, thats legitimately what It looked likeand I was stoked I thought It was sick, untill I got a side view. Turns out Its a FUCKING CENTEPEDE. like what the fuck I smoked that shit man. Any ways I go in the kitchen and show my dad who also smoked with me and we were out side under the deck so who knows I did set It down then and idk if I would have even seen it. I digress, I dump that shit out and the centepede starts running for Its life I thought It was dead but It must have just been really really high.  
    Hey, am I gonna die or something?

  2. Probably gonna die man.  I would contact your local Poison Control center immediately.
  3. yeh id get checked out by your doc
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    lmfao dont scare him guy , youll know if your bout to die man trust me youd be on the verge of passing out barley moving.
    if you feel any fucked up symptomps light headed , sweating a lot , or feel dizzy and feverish , you know what to dial in that case
    lmfao this story is too fucking weird  funny lol and dont understand how you endeded up smoking a centipede hahaha
  5. Lol
    To me it started off sounding like a kid trying to hide it from their parents then ended up with "Any ways I go in the kitchen and show my dad who also smoked with me"
    Anyway I don't know man, those things smell pretty funky, it's almost a chemical smell. Did you notice anything different?
  6. You actually smoked the centipede or it was in the bong?
    If it was in the bong, you're fine.  If you actually burned part of the centipede you're still fine.
    Doubt you actually smoked the centipede.  Sounds like you're just stoned and bugging out.
  7. I would have been scared as shit! Centipedes just scare the shit out of me haha
    And your just paranoid because your high my friend, I just wake and baked as well  :smoke:
  8. Nah you'll be fine. If nothing happened yet you're good. That shit is crazy though lmfao.
  9. Lucky it didn't crawl in your mouth.

    I hate those creepy fuckers
  10. Thank you for this story. My wife absolutely hates centipedes. So obviously I made her come in and read this lol :laughing:
    Those things are creepy as hell. You're not going to die, but you will suffer from a fear of bugs for a while. My wife had one run in with a centipede about ten years ago and she still squirms when I remind her of the time she was almost attacked by a monster bug! :laughing:
  11. That's some crazy shit.
    I like centipedes but I don't think I'd like to smoke one.
  12. Insert Knife Party Centipede song here.
  13. i it was alive enough to run I don't think you really smoked it
  14. Yeah Its not like it was in the bowl, like I said, It was sitting on top of the shower head diffuser in my bong, which is very close to where my mouth was. That centipede got like 3 milky ass hash hits and to the guy that asked If It tasted weird, no It just tased like hash but there was this really funky aftertaste, that I originally contributed to the hash being partially vaped, now I'm not so sure. And last night I was really high, IDK If I was Just buggin, or what but I felt like I was tripping for a bit lol. now its time to clean my closet out and check for a family of those mother fuckers. 
    believe me i smoked it, wish I didn't but shit happens, Id say that centipede didn't move for a good 10  minutes before he got emptied out into the sink. Idk If he could have crawled in my mouth if he wanted to cause he was probably so stoned. 
  16. This should robably be in the RLS section huh, any mods out there feel free to move this. I would, but IDK how or If I even can. 
  17. That centipede must be high as FUCK!!!!
  18. Accidentally smoking a bug or something is one of my worst smoking fears. 
  19. I bet that centipede is still trippin
  20. yeah he was high as fuck there was a period in between hits, where I just kept on milking tha bong without pulling the slide. He sat in that smoke for a good minute that time. 

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