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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by motion, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. indeed! all the more reason to gaurd against complacency, and keep the momentum increasing! joyous times. care in the cannacomunity. conviction in the cannatists. compulsion in the cannactivism. :)

    we shall see cannabis legalised more and more. for a while i thought it would happen in a day, an instant change over... but it's happening out of necessity in more and more small pockets here and there, more and more governments making the right moves, more and more courts showing leniency and compassion, more and more police and public showing their support of cannabis use or disinterest in persecution. more and more companies hearing word of the honest ecconomic situation rather than any self protectionist propaganda of those trapping themselves in stagnation fearful of change... they are being shaken out of that old modes of thinking, as we all are... tis the time of glory for all, all we have to do is take it!

    keep it up! :hello: :D

    congrats!! go go go! ;)

    <marquee>Tokers of the world, you have nothing to loose but your chains!!!</marquee>

    :smoking: :cool: :p :eek: :) ;) :eek: :smoking: :bolt: :yay: :love: :poke: :laughing: :ey: :bongin: :gc_rocks:
  2. god. damn. it. fucking ridiculous.
  3. Has anyone ever thought that if it is legalized

    Prices would go up.....
    You would have to pay the government money like on alcohol
    The vibe in the stoner communities can only get worse

    Im just really pissed that prices would deffinatly rise
  4. yea, thats a really good point man. ive definitely realized that.
  5. yayy!!!!
  6. I think prices would stay about the same. There would be no more risk for selling, so prices would drop, but the taxes would keep them stable. If there's no more risk, it is going to be more competetive not to mention mass produced.

    If anything the prices would go down imo. Or i'd just grow my own... :rolleyes:
  7. I remember seeing somwhere on these fourms that if pot were to be legalized prices would significantly drop. The cost of a ounce of some pretty high quality dank would be about $50. Im not sure of the accuracy of that statement, but it would be a dream come true deffinately.
  8. The government can probly lay down the fundage to crank out some bulk green so i dont think tax would be a problem.
    i personaly like weed illegal. ill take a slap on the wrist. weeds out the riffraff
  9. I would be happy if it was just de-criminilized....thats all I need.
  10. Wow thats amazin, $7.7 billion goes to waste each year trying to put an end to a harmless plant.
    If it did become legal, would people in the pen for it currently be released? That would be the shit.
  11. I think it would be the opposite. Sure it'd be taxed, but think about it. The companies could grow it all over. They would have HUGE fields of it like tobacco companies do. The principal of supply and demand says that if the demand is greater than the suply, the price will go up, and vice-versa. The supply of marijuana would sky rocket, with the demand remaining about the same. Most of the people who want to smoke weed are smoking it even when its illegal. That plus theres no risk in selling it, which naturally lowers the price.

    I think that in general, the drop in price due to the large supply and 0 risk > the tax.
  12. dude, you know how relatively cheap it is for corporate farming to produce tobacco? yet when i go up north its almost 10 bucks a pack in some places.

    what makes you think the govt wont do the same for weed?

    the idea of marijuana legalization is ridiculous as ive said many times, but its getting to the point where yall are blindly ignoring other's who could support your cause.

    stoners need to wake up and realize that this is a fight for personal freedom.

    if you desire your freedom to smoke your herb, you must fight for the right for all drugs users to enjoy their irreality harmlessly and peacefully.
  13. Because 100% of the weed today comes from normal humans growing.. not at all affiliated with the government, so what, you think if it becomes legal no one will grow it? Shit its illegal now and people grow everywhere. If anything, when its legal, there will be alot or bud and im sure the governments version would get turned down by us. I have no trouble getting great bud now, why would I when its legal
  14. canada
  15. The canadian government doesn't grow marijuana. They simply hire and liscense medical growers which offer cheap extremely potent bud. I see nothing wrong with that! Bring on legalization!

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