This Poem Is About Hitler (& anyones else who wants to take over the world)

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  1. Light in the Schloss

    There is a light in the end of existence
    but standing on earth looking out is not a place to view
    what it is that is shinning, what will fill the cup that belongeth to you
    We try to name the blinding light
    but man will always fail
    the ways to fill the deep abyss number the stars and hail
    So pure, so brilliant is this light
    that many scorn and mach
    those who do not understand, when the time comes they will flock
    To the breast of the lady in green envy
    the black crow dressed in the white of a dove
    the prince of this world, the father of hate
    the one who lies and deceives all Love
    but those who trust in the light
    those who know the light
    those who are in the light
    will live on as the wise
    The ones who live and Love all life will live and Love forever more
    within the gates of the light, their boats will come ashore
    to the candle left lit in the castle
    in the room of their goddess of light ,the queen of the future and of yore
  2. I sat on I t for a while, I got more somewhere in my ass!
  3. im glad i stumbled across this.
  4. that's good. you've got some talent... mhmm, ya sher do :D

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