THIS PLACE IS GREAT (weekly good rant)

Discussion in 'General' started by eome, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. yes i just had to have my usual post that i put on every time something goes right for me. Today I am celebrating my good karma of late. So I would like to start by mentioning the recent grasscity events that have gone on recently between me, Mickey. T and cowboysaxman. We were arguing over stupid shit and being arseholes to each other. I realise now what a prick i have been to Mickey T over the past couple of days- I over reacted to a lot of the stuff he said. SJ's action was immaculate. He simply stood in and gave us all something to think about with his wise words and sorted the thing out impartialy and as fairly as he saw fit.

    Secondly and less recently SJ again has been a big help. He has made sure that my pipe has been sent off even tho he'd not got the money for it when he sent it. He was very patient with my whining every day about BIBBIT being slow and he sorted me out no end. I now have a beaut of a pipe.

    Thirdly I would like to thank woody for his recent actions. Nuff said on my part- I don't think I should speak of it- but he knows what it's about.

    Fourthly everyone hase made this place fun to be around and fun to talk on. Other forums people permanently flame new guys and stuff- i don't know whether it's the ganj or what but you are laid back and nice people and you have all made this place more addictive than any substance on earth. The day I say this place is bad is the day when all you blades no longer post here.

    Thanks for putting up with my annoying views and being who you all are...

  2. Glad a Lil' good Karma blew your way!!
    And either you are my ventriloquist prop(didn't want to say dummy..LOL), or we have simular views on this GREAT CITY we are allowed access to!! :hippie:

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