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this piece for $20?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ripdatshit, May 12, 2010.

  1. how big is it?
  2. I'd pay 10 tops. This doesn't look bad at all if you really need one. But you can get a cooler one for the same price or less.
  3. about 4 inches long, and pretty thick.
  4. yeah, id drop 20 on that, but only if its new. looks sick
  5. i wouldn't personally pay 20 for that, but if i didnt have a piece and its not cheap thin glass im sure i would. hey that could end up being the best 20 bucks you ever spend if it turns out to be a lifelong companion haha.
  6. I have the exact same thing, except mine has little glow in the dark orbs on it... paid about 20 bucks for it.
  7. Doesnt look too bad, you may wanna give it a little clean though :rolleyes:
  8. i said the same thing when I saw it.
    I kinda want to get a nice little color changing spoon. my joint binge is starting to take up alot of weed
  9. This.
  10. 20 bucks? More like 5 for that used POS pipe. I'm addicted to bongs and almost won't even SMOKE unless it's a bong so my opinion might be a bit harsh considering I only paid 50 for a bong that blows this piece out of the fucking water..

    Ask whoever your buying it from to cut you a bit of a deal... 10-15 tops if I were you, and 15 is pushing it
  11. yeah you could probably get a mini bong that would kill that thing, 20 bucks he probably didnt even pay that for it new...
  12. If you need it badly go for it, but personally I like pieces with decorations :p
    Call me a sucker, but i'll pay 20$ extra for some paint :laughing:
  13. im thinking about getting it, but for $15. i just want a nice handy pipe. i smoke outta the house quite a bit, and have a few other peices. but im also thinking about spending $20 and going to my LHS and finding one.
  14. i would definitely say go to your headshop... you could get so much better for less $
  15. ehhh I wouldn't.

    This was my first piece. I've had it for about 3-4 years. It really is a water bong. I think I paid around 15 for it.

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  16. Your going to be kicking yourself in the end if you buy that get one with some color or color changing glass.
  17. Fuck no man I just bought a pipe yesterday for $22 at a headshop that LOOKS and IS better than that piece of crap. Its about like 3-4 inches too hits like a beast.

    Just go to your headshop that pipe is a piece of crap as I said before.
  18. soo ghetto yet so awesome! i wish i had one. +rep

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