This pic made me vomit from laughter (no joke)

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Nathan, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. W.....T......F......? :p
  2. It's not nearly as funny now that I'm sober, but when I was stoned I couldn't stop laughing and I PUKED! :laughing:.
  3. Dude that was AWESOME!

    edit: just got done vaping kief!!
  4. not that funny.....?
  5. did you puke because you were eating reeses? whats the joke man?

    wtf is going on?..wait, did you design tha comic?
  6. I didnt puke but i sure thought it was funny

    especially where she starts crying and he 'walks' through the phone

  7. It's just so random how he goes nuts over the cereal. OMG. Haha. And the girl starts crying. I puked from laughing so hard.
  8. LOL right on i eat reeses for breakfast everyday
  9. I love humor that involves unneccessary chaos.... :hello:
  10. i thought that shit was hella funny the first time i saw it
  11. Man, I love LegoRobot's comics. Seriously, how can you beat these?
  12. dude i always noticed how shit just got WILD whenever they would eat that cereal
  13. This whole thread is hilarious. First of all the comics made me laugh, but just the title of the thread alone is funny. You vomited from laughing haha :D

  14. And then I smoke two more :smoking:.

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