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  1. I'll play along:
    Nate Dizzle swiss perc.  More interesting looking piece.  Swiss perc gives a smoother hit than a poked downstem.  Can play with different water levels with a swiss perc.  The nate dizzle piece will probably hold it's value better than the roor.
    This: OG straight peyote pillar-inv4 splash
    or this: my crappy bubbler
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  3. Holy shit man way to make it hard. I wasn't even gonna look at the toro because the ones at my lhs are literally 2-300$ more than other pieces just for the name. But since it's worked and beautifully at that I almost can't decide. But honestly I'm going with the mother ship because of the health stone attatchment. image.jpg
    Beaker bottom with 11 arm perc. Six arm downstem, and inline ash catcher.

    Dave goldstien rooster apparatus with hitman flower attatchment.

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