This or That (fun thread, come look)

Discussion in 'General' started by WeeD BurPs, May 28, 2009.

  1. works like this; just post two things related in some way and the next poster has to answer then post his own two things and so on

    hot girls

    ill start...

    xbox 360 or Wii
  2. Halo 3, Mario!
  3. Italians, sausage.

  4. lol you have to answer xbox 360 or wii first. questiosn dont have to be related

    and if you're asking halo 3 or mario i would say mario just cause theres many fun mario games

    aligators or sharks
  5. Gator's aren't nearly as cool with freakin' lasers on their heads. Sharks for me, thanks.

    Indica or Sativa

  6. indica most deff. i love a full body high, sativa is nice when trying to do work

    condo or house
  7. since no1s playing

    condo. i love the view

    early mornings or late evenings

  8. If i'm not working early mornings

    strawberries or kiwis?
  9. Strawberry-Kiwi juice :cool:

    Grass or ass
  10. Grass

    summer or winter?

  11. love the holidays but love hot girls more. summer for sure

    brunettes or blondes

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