This ones for all the single Bladies out there

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  1. Girls, have you been clicking for love in all the wrong places?

    It's time you checked out

    You're sure to find a strapping man that suits your needs and desires! Let us all know which one you pick.
  2. Wow this is hard choice...
    I'm really debating between

    Bertram and David

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Although David likes his women tall, so Bertram who is seeking the Bonnie to his Clyde might be a better match for me
  3. rofl.
  4. Thats a tough choice, they both have killer smiles.
  5. is this fake?

    Lol, wait and let me see.

    I picked buzet btw.
  6. Well, I took the compatibility test and it turns out I'm meant for Hans from Hanover:


    "German sailor seeks mermaid".. During my long hours out at sea I often wonder if my soulmate is near or far. I have been successful at werk but not in love. Yes, I've had too much schnitzel but I have a sexy attitude and I'm not shy about my body. "

    yes ive had too much schnitzel :laughing: greattt
  7. lmao! this sites hilarious.. its gotta be fake tho.. right!?

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