This one problem persists yellowing tips

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  1. New grower here, defiently not going to be a one post and done. My closet growth is experiencing some minor issues.
    Setup -
    350watt mars hydro led try
    18 on 6 off
    Fully organic no time realease miracle grow with worm castings.
    5 inch by 5 inch fan on 24/7
    Mylar covered box 4 feet by 4 feet
    Light is about 10-20 inches from plants.
    When I water I do so around the edges to prevent over watering.

    BUT THESE DAMNN LEAVES MANN 20170826_152417.jpg 20170826_152330.jpg 20170826_152340.jpg 20170826_152358.jpg 20170826_152408.jpg
  2. Damn leaves look purple?
  3. That's my light on hahaha
  4. Of course it is. If you are actually wanting the opinions of others, turn it off and take a pic.
  5. Thank you for wasting 2 posts on my thread without any help to my problem at all, but will do.
  6. Without a real pic to go on, I only see the grower as the problem
  7. 20170826_163445.jpg 20170826_163432.jpg 20170826_163428.jpg 20170826_163415.jpg 20170826_163346.jpg 20170826_163354.jpg

    Better pictures
  8. I'm not sure if your just bothered today, but I really think inn the first pictures you can see what I'm describing. If your not here to help on my post please stop wasting my time and bother someone else.
  9. could be heat ,how hot is ur room??It s heat or not giving enough water ,lite watering can cause this too
  10. The temperature in my closet right now is 78.4 F
  11. That s a good temp,It could use a little more watering each time,I don t soak mine either,I also like watering around the edges most of the time ,but I ll water the plant thoroughly atleast once a week.
  12. That could be my problem, because I use a water bottle I poked holes in the top and I usually run it around the edges just twice quickly, my fear of over watering might be getting inn the way
  13. To be honest it doesn t look that bad and will probly perk up the more it grows,
    LMAO,It s a fear I have 2,I think you ll be alright if you keep doing what your doing and just add one decent watering once a week,I even started to use a spray bottle for my seedlings and they love it,I spray the edges good durning watering s ,then I ll give the seedlings leaves a little misting ,then once or twice during the week, I ll water the center to keep roots happy and it seems to work pretty good,
  14. Appreciate all the help, I was told not to spray the leaves because it can add leaf burn due to the light but I'll give it a try with a spray bottle. I don't understand it, I mean it's growing fine, but the tips just like being yellow the basrard
  15. Yeah I heard same thing if you add nutes to the water but I ve never had a problem with it .Good luck and hope your grow comes out great..
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  16. Much appreciated man, will post updates for sure
  17. From the very first post I was looking to help. Twas you with the overly exercised sphincter. Your latest pics ARE better, but out of focus. Yellowed tips are often a sign of the soil being too hot (not talking temp). Your sentence describing your organic soil is a bit disjointed. Can you describe what your soil make-up is?
  18. 15037886664141440101174.jpg 15037886938291564250620.jpg

    Nature's Care Organic Potting Mix with Water Conserve - Soils - Nature's Care

    This is the soil I'm using
  19. Doesn't look hot...does look like next time you may want to add more perlite. Then you can feel confident in soaking, letting it drain, and pouring off the run-off...without worrying about overwatering. Knowing your PH might be of interest, but I say that as someone who has not changed his medium nor water source in years now and I have not had to check my PH since I changed my water source. I would bet there are a number of people here who are trying that same soil...they may have additional/better insight. I can tell you that yellow tips are not a big indicator of the plant being underwatered and generally heat affects more than tips.
  20. So, should I replant and mix in some perlite? Also I've never tested my water, I just use room temperature bottled water.

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