This one has me stumped

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  1. This seedling is NOT overwaterd. This seedling is NOT over-nuted (it hasn't had any). I don't think it's Mg deficient because it is too young. I don't think it got too hot as allt he other seedlings of the same strain are perfectly fine. It's in the same soiless mix as the rest and watered with the same pH water as all the rest.

    The only thing I can think of is that it got oo much light, but it's about the furthest one from the light and all the rest are fine.

    Any ideas?

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  2. What kind of light is it under again?
  3. 400 HPS - and it's far away from the plant - like 3 feet.
  4. Do you know the PH of the medium?
    Boy this has me stumped too. I wonder if it is someting that we can't see like root rot. How does it look tonight?
  5. HIGH All, did you spray it with anything? I see marks on the leaves which look like something was spilt or sprayed on it.
  6. im guessing there was some type of accidental spill. you say all the others are doing well and are under the same conditions. I know more about plants in general than marry jane, but it looks like it was over fertilized, but you say u didnt fertalize at all.

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