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  1. I'm liking this so far. Lots of new things to learn but waaay better than the last change
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  2. Meh.
    That sums it up right there, "Meh."
  3. I don't find it to be all that different so far. I've been trying to find some "adult time" at another cannabis forum and find myself missing the GC interface.
  4. Hey, was our posts count suppose to reset to zero after the upgrade? I'm on mobile btw.

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  5. Well, I'm loving it. Because….

    We have a button that can skip you to the bottom and top

    The quote button now works

    It automatically saves a draft as you type.

    When scrolling down the threads it now shows you who started it

    When scrolling down the threads it now shows you how many replies it has

    When deleting a line of text there is not a delay when you take your finger off the button.

    You can zoom in and out

    When someone has uploaded a bunch of photos. You can now scroll through them without them going blank, and you can now zoom in on them

    The old format had a bunch of typing issues that are now fixed

    Clicking on photos doesn't have aspect ratio issues like before

    Editing a post doesn't merge all the paragraphs together

    When on a thread I can now click on a page number instead of only being able to go to the first page or last page

    And that's just the issues that were fixed, there's also a bunch of new features that I'm still trying out
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    I'd like to see some sort of rep status under the avatar, but I'm guessing that has already been planned and it's just a matter of time
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  7. Is there a way to change the colour scheme? I get enough cloudy weather in the PNW and GC is too f'n grey!

    Looked for one, there isn't, even though all these forums have a million settings for themes and styles...

    GC is giving me SADs!
  8. Correct, please ad bugs and issues in the tech bug forum created for this, thx SJ
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  9. I like the green arrow on the quote bubble that takes you to the original post. Nice little idea

    Will do, I have been looking for some but I haven't noticed any yet

    I really like it, it has great contrast but isn't so bright it blinds me when I'm in the dark. It's just like the forum was before the change last year I think
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  10. I also like that the quote bubble is shortened for long posts. Previously you had to scroll down past long quotes. Great addition
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  11. One thing we learned from previous release is not to push everything in one release. Reputations is very critical aspect thats why we want to bring it in front.

    There is an alternative colour scheme we are working on but that design is mainly prepared to mimic our old Grasscity design from pre 2014 :) It will be ready in a week or so
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  12. There has not been taken a final decision on this ;)
  13. What he ^ said....not what the other one (that SJ character) said. :D

  14. Anarchy
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  15. do they still have the trophies?
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