this NEEDS to get out!

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  2. Shit is fucked up. I'm never taking that vaccine. The harder they try, the harder I will resist.
  3. hope y'all bought some VeriChip stock.

    VeriChip shares jump after H1N1 patent license win | Markets | Hot Stocks | Reuters

  4. Ha ha... I love how it's just "one of many plans and we won't know until it's implemented" according to this guy. Never reveals his sources huh? Because then the government could get 'em!!

    Let me let you guys in on a little secret. I can't tell you exactly who, but I was speaking to my friend who's a lieutenant colonel in the coast guard. He told me that the coast guard has been briefed, when and if the order comes, to strap TNT to the backs of dolphins that will then swim into, thus exploding, any ship that tries to enter or leave US waters. I can't say for sure if it'll actually happen or not, but I assure you it's being discussed in a very serious way.

  5. will you be getting one of those VeriChip implants for yourself?

    or is that a conspiracy?
  6. No, that sounds like a legitimate breakthrough in medical technology, but I have no need for it. I'd probably just stick with a vaccine if it was out and affordable.
  7. i dont know about all these conspiracy theories surrounding the 'H1N1' virus but i have no plans on injecting anything into my bloodstream regardless
  8. H1N1 isnt even that bad

  9. Exactly, it isn't bad. It just has the potential to be devastating.
  10. take me away boys, im not going to let you fuckers inject me with anything.

    i hope my bunk is nice and comfy
  11. This is why we don't involve government with our personal affairs, things as private and personal as our lives, our records, control over our very existence.

    I hate our government.
  12. Fixed it for you...
  13. live free or die
  14. I'm gonna try and pull the permanent resident card. Let's see if that loophole works, or if my ass just gets deported. :D
  15. the guy in the video looks VERY evil... ha
  16. Next time I see a road block Im running through that shit :D

    Not really but if this does start happening I will, Id rather be shot then have them put a chip in me.
  17. Wasn't it tattoos last time?
  18. I'll believe it when I see it.
  19. 25'000 people die of the flu in America per year ANYHOW... I'm sorry, but swine flu is really not a big deal, it's a flu. It only kills people with no access to healthcare... oh wait, looks like a lot of Americans are in trouble after all.

    Take tamiflu for a while and it's gone, no need for vaccines filled with mercury or these "chips". This is just pure insanity.

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