This needs to be explained

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  1. What...the....fuck?

    Claiming Long beach crip, to wearing suits covered in cupcakes. wat.
  2. He probably got to get with Katie Perry right after
  3. he doesnt give a fuck
  4. He's probably so stoned he doesn't know what he's doing. Can't blame him really. I've had days like that. Not that I'd come into work wearing a suit of cupcakes, but I know where he's coming from.
  5. yea this and he's probly fried. Think about it he has a cupcake blazer and hes surrounded by ice cream cones.. duh makes sense to me. munchies

    lbc cpt ! lol
  6. snoooooooooooooopy
  7. the fact that he was probably really high, is understandable. I watched california girls about 30 times last time I was high, and danced the whole time. But it just seems weird that his music was always about capping people and being a crip and a pimp and a gangster, and repping the west coast, and now he's in a candyland type video with katy perry.
  8. Pretty self explanatory, the old shit wasn't working, had to switch it up and hit the pop base to make some money. Those royalty checks are flowing in lol. I like his part of the song. I like the whole song actually lol, and the video :eek:

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