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this morning's wakey... an amusing story... maybe :)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. this morning me and my foster brother smoked a FAT blunt before work. we started off inbetween two buildings, then when the blunt was about halfway gone we walked over to the front of papa john's to wait for our boss to let us in. anywayz, the blunt was getting kind of small and it's my hit. so i'm pulling the blunt and i look up and what do i see?... a cop. not just any cop... one of the higher-ups. so i look at him and he waves and moves his hand up to his mouth like he's hitting a joint... then just kept driving with a smile on his face. i thought it was so cool. me and ant were laughing our asses off. lol... another funny thing... before we went out in front of papa john's ant was just staring out into no where and then after like 3 minutes was like "i taste the smell of dank" LOL i was like "whaat?!?" it was funny. i asked him "how do you taste the smell of something?" and he's like "i don't know".... then we just laughed our asses off for a while. it was so much fun at work today 'cause we were both high as hell :) :D

    peace and good tokes to everyone!
  2. cool cop, you are lucky he wasn't a dick. sounds like it was a good time though.
  3. i smoke because im high because i smoke....WHERE OH WHERE DOES THE CYCLE END?!!!!!!


    except not sob

  4. hehehehehe, that cop rules... if I become a cop, I'll be like that hehehehe

    but i'm not becoming a cop
  5. im gonna be a firefighter
  6. I want to become a cop just so i can get primo confiscated bud and like help out my stoner friends with law troubles.... awesome cops are... awesome
  7. I wanna join Interpol and be one of those guys that busts into the evil genius's stronghold while James Bond tries to wrestle a laser out of the hand of some guy. Yeah, lasers are awesome.
  8. i wanna get stoned...

    ...oh wait...

    ...i am stoned... never mind :)

  9. LMAO!!!!
  10. ok..heres the weed when being smoked..smells like fucking rips my head off....i smoked a half joint and im gone!...wooooooot
  11. Glad you got stoned and had a good day!!!!!! Everything is finally starting to look up for me. I think I have found a good man this time.......i didnt think they existed but they do.........or maybe its the pills and weed talking. But anyway...........I'm happy the pot god blessed you today!!!!!
  12. yep yep..good for you as well..but careful with the pills...pot is good and great..but pills arent all that swell.

  13. yeah... what he said :) pills are ok every now and then... but not a lot... ack. i did pills for like 4 days straight once... couldn't eat for like a week 'cause the sight of food made me sick. not fun at all :( lol. my own fault though
  14. Too many pills and your stomach can easily become fucked up. Be careful!

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