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    From the first steps of childhood to the big strides of our present selves; the riddles; the mazes; the puzzles we had to solve to arrive to life now;
    Regardless of the difficulties in our past, we have gained valuable knowledge.
    Knowledge that will forever be used in the present and future.

    No one knows their true identity.
    No one will ever know.
    We can try to understand who we are.
    We can try to believe in our sub-conscious state of mind to direct us to a path in life,
    but we wouldn't know who we were to begin with.

    Our experiences shape who we are.
    Our knowledge broadened to a capacity to become wise.
    Surely there are some who experience life with many mishaps and conflicts;
    There are also some who experience life with many luxuries and peace.

    No matter how horrible our hardships may seem,
    there is always a working solution.
    For many people, experiencing life hands-on is what they crave.
    Legal or illegal, it is a true life experience.
    We gain much more insight on how these life-changing experiences affect our lives,
    either beneficially or detrimentally.
    We may or may not learn from our mistakes.
    That is your own choice.

    Others choose to experience life care-free or simply tend to "go with the flow".
    Wherever the sun sets, they shall set with.
    Wherever the wind blows, they shall be one with.
    Though there will be times when we get knocked down by storms and other natural occurring disasters, but to choose to get back on your feet;
    That is your own willpower.
  2. To be and not to be, that is the question.
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