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  1. Ok, so I did an experiment, cause my buddy had told me the best source of hydration is beer and piss. Now my other friend said this was stupid, but from simple science, piss will not hurt any plant, 1 cause it's sterile and 2 it has ammonia in it, which is like roids for plants. So I said screw it and did this, for 1 month I let it grow on it's own just water, then last night I pissed on it, instead of growing just like 4 or so inches over-night it sprouted like 6-10 inches, any ideas? I personally think this had something to do with it (actually I know it does). I'm really just wondering if any of you have tried it, or swear by it. The plant sprouted outside by the way.
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  3. Most people who do use urine to fertilize dilute it to prevent over fertilizing from what I've read. This is not the first time I've read about this on the forum if you search I'm sure you'll find more information regarding it.
  4. Definitely need to dilute urine to use it on your plants. Value of using urine is not the water in it -- if you want water just use water. Urine is a good source of nitrogen, use it if you need an N boost.
  5. dude your crazy your plant didnt grow 6 inces over night. why would you want to piss on your plants. that can attract bugs, and other things. i'm sure id sproted almost a foot in hight in a few hours bullshit.
  6. Like I said in the message to you, why would I claim something false, EVEN if I have the pictures to prove it, that's redundant.
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  17. He is right, your shit did not grow 6 inches overnight. Urine has been used for a long time by gardeners, outdoor gardeners! You have to dilute or you can lock-out other nutrients needed further into your plants growth cycle. One can easily find methods like this on internet under natural gardening or home-made plant nutrients. For instance, tabacco can be soaked in a solution of soap and urine for a coctail. Here is the problem with that........This shit is used for ornamentals! You plan on smoking your piss?it just doesn't sit well does it. Nutes are not that expensive and is easily mixed so why put all that guesswork into it? I like chicken. That is why I never watch shows about poultry production. If I seen and knew what was really going on I would probably be vegan.:smoke:
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    There are much better sources of nitrogen than urine, that do NOT also contain salt, which is toxic to most plants, including MJ. Look at your garden centre.
  19. Ok, what ever you think, I think you people are neglecting the fact that I have fucking day by day pictures of it... How can you sit there and dictate how tall it grew, you don't know the conditions it's growing in... There's not a specific height it's allowed to grow in a 24 hour period... It's kind of pointless you people trying to tell me "it didn't grow that tall" or "bullshit you're a liar". Let me put it to you this way, I am NOT active enough, let alone care enough about anyone on here to lie... Like I said before it is redundant... Enlighten me how a fixed object such as a tape measure OR a ruler can change increment distances (such as 1 inch turning into 3 inches, if you didn't get what I meant)?
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