this might be late but, go see X2: Mutants United

Discussion in 'General' started by Supreme Allah, May 5, 2003.

  1. fucking badass flick

    magneto, nightcrawler and wolverine kick everyones ass
  2. It was good, but didn't it seem like the best part of the movie was in the first 10 minutes?

    ...and the body count in this one is much higher than the first one. Which was cool.

    Go See It!!

  3. it wouldve been, but i liked the raid on the school scene just as much.. im a huge Wolverine fan
  4. i really gotta go see that
  5. i was thinking about going to see it tonight but i guess i should study for my finals

    yet i am sitting at the computer messing around instead.
  6. forget finals, go and see the movie
  7. I'll prolly see it next week after I go home. Wolverine has always been one of my favorite X-Men and I was disappointed that Nightcrawler wasn't in the first one. He really didn't belong in the first one, but I've always thought he was pretty cool...except for the rotten egg smell. Damn. Now everyone knows how big of a nerd I am.
  8. rotten egg smell? wut the fuck, im so lost
  9. Whenever Nightcrawler does his teleport thing it smells like rotten eggs where he teleported to and from.
  10. seen it twice it......especially the opening scene......and the attack on the school......but at least Miss Grey is still alive!......Peace out......Sid
  11. Gonna see it Wednesday with my brother.

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