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This might be a big step, but who's with me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kush Smokker, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. A lot of pot smokers don't fall into the categories below so don't think I'm talking to you specifically, but I've realized that weed is a bigger problem to me personally that I thought it was.
    I have been smoking weed every day for 10 years straight and many of you have probably seen some of the videos I posted here a few months back. I got busted by the cops and was scared to go out blazing again, stayed in my room and got depressed real quick. I looked at myself and seen a huge problem and didn't think weed smoking itself had anything to do with any of my problems (delusional I was) until I read a few websites and came across this:

    "I'm not here to preach to you. Plenty of people manage their pot habits without suffering too many adverse affects. People who can maintain a good quality of life an enjoy smoking weed in moderation can navigate away from this website with my blessing. For those individuals the benefits of enjoying the calming effect of marijuana outweigh any downside. For them, smoking a joint is a viable alternative to drinking alcohol or getting into really destructive hard drug use.

    But, thats not why we're here. We are here because we can't manage our marijuana use, we can't face the possibility of suffering through marijuana withdrawl, but we can no longer accept the power our addiction to marijuana has over our lives.

    Many chronics who are looking for a "way out" are waiting for some external influence to come along and pull them out of their situation. I know this element of denial only too well. Well, for 99% of you, it just won't happen. Quitting weed is a deeply personal decision, and no one will really help you to deal with the day-to-day struggle of avoiding your old routine, and leaving behind everything you have been used to for so long. With one exception - the help you will get by following my methods and continuing to read the stop smoking weed secrets on this website.

    Reviewing the reasons to quit smoking pot on a semi regular basis is a powerful tool in the process of giving up marijuana. I strongly reccommend that you make a list of good and bad points about your pot habit, as well as review this list of benefits of quitting marijuana. Write your own lis or print this out and keep it with you. It's important to remind yourself "why" you are doing what you are doing on a regular basis, especially when cravings are swimming around in your head.

    Reasons to Quit Weed and Succeed:

    1. Save money. Most chronic pot smokers buy in quantity (the smart ones) and probably spend on average about $10–$20 per day depending on availability and which dealer is answering the phone. follow my suggestion about saving your weed money for six months, or until you are positive that you have kicked your pot "addiction."

    2. Increased stamina. Smoking is death on your lungs. No question. If you're a chronic, then your lung capacity sucks, and you probably can't run two blocks without feeling like you are going to pass out. Pathetic. This is not healthy and lack of exercise is the leading cause of serious health problems of every kind.

    3. Your loved ones. I promise you. No family member or close friend wants to see you stumble through life in a cloud of pot smoke. My habit was very hard for my family to accept. As a result, my relationships suffered. I avoided situation where i knew i could get high. As a result, I missed burying my childhood dog, Heath. I will never forgive myself for that. Heath deserved better from me. Quit weed for your family. They want the best for you.

    4. Sleep better. It's a well known fact that smoking weed before bed interupts or disrupts your natural sleep cycles. even though you have convinced yourself that you can't sleep without it, you are actually sabotaging your healthy sleep rhythms every night. After you quit weed, you will get better rest, feel less stressed and have more energy throughout the day. Getting the proper amount of sleep is a key factor in staying healthy, reducing stress, and ultimately living longer.

    5. Anxiety disorder. It's a fairly well documented fact that long time weed smokers can suffer severe anxiety disorder after quitting smoking weed. Treatment for anxiety is incredibly difficult and complicated to implement. The longer you wait to quit, the more you increase your chances of becoming an unfortunate statistic. I've interviewed people who suffer from post marijuana stress disorders, and I've read about many cases.

    6. Uncontrollable mood swings. If theres one truth you should admit to yourself, It's that your weed habit has made you a moody prick. When you're high, you're normal. When you're not high, you're much more of an asshole. Get real, you don't want to be that person. I've been that person, and until after I quit weed I couldn't admit it to myself. It's the truth for most pot-heads. I've know enough people like this, and they all think they're fine all the time. No way José, you moody bastards.

    7. Inaction and Impotence. I'm not talking about sex necessarily, I'm talking about your whole life. When you're high, you come up with all kinds of ideas that are never realized. Why? because when you are sober you don't tend to follow through, or even really remember why your idea was good (which it probably wasn't anyway). smoking weed provides the perfect excuse for actually accomplishing anything real because you are in a satisfied state. All of the things you wish would change, seem far less urgent when you're high, and escaping the reality of your situation, whatever that may be. Every time you get high, you pull the rug out from underneath yourself.

    8. Learning disability á la Marijuana. That's right, you are impairing your ability to learn. There are extensive studies to indicate that things learned in one state, for example when you are high, are not easily remembered when you are sober, and vice versa. Can you say drop-out? My university years could have been a whole lot better. I spent 5 years a two different universities and didn't graduate with a degree from either. This was in large part due to the amount of weed i was smoking. Going to class stoned and then taking a test sober just doesnt work. Your education suffer if you continue to smoke weed every day. Guaranteed.

    9. Decreased sex drive and dating woes. Want to suck the romance out of your relationships? Get high all the time, I promise you that the last thing you will feel like doing is to make love. Maybe at first with your new girlfriend/boyfriend it will seem fun, but over time getting high will take precedence over your love life. When you are happily stoned, you won't want to brush your teeth, comb your hair and feel sexy. You will probably watch more bad TV, eat take out more often, exercise less, and spend less time with your friends. By continually affirming each others desire to smoke weed, you will be perpetuating a climate of acceptance for each others pot habit. Single? Good luck finding someone that will put up with your chronic weed habit. even if you do, you will be continuing to "lock" yourself into a lifestyle you actually hate.

    10. Social retard or recluse. It happens to just about every chronic, you simply cannot handle social situations without getting high to cope. This inevitably leads to avoidance, which eventually leads to a reclusive lifestyle , where the situations you subject yourself to are controlled by pot friendly places and people, but more often than not you just stay home by yourself. This happened to me for years. I just stayed home and got high and whittled away the hours tinkering with this and that, or entertaining myself with video games, TV, music and movies. More often than not, I was alone. social situations became scarier and scarier as I fell out of practice and spent more time being selfish.

    11. Wasted time. What would you do if you could get back all the time you've spent trying to track down a gram? I have spent more hours driving around, speed dialing different dealers, and sitting by the phone than I care to remember. Every chronic has the same story. Buying weed isn't like going to the corner store and getting yourself a six-pack. It's all about chasing around some seedy distasteful character who has you eating out of the palm of their hand.

    12. Pot just isn't that good most of the time. Admit it. How many times have you smoked really good weed or really good hash. Not that many I'm willing to guess. The truth is, you can't just get what you want, It's what they got... which most of the time is kind of shitty weed, or hash that is cut with something horrible that you'd rather not know about. I can think of a few times that I smoked really good pot or hash, but most of the time, it was moderately disappointing.

    So, I've given you 12 pretty good reasons to stop smoking marijuana, and those are the obvious ones. Make your own list of reasons to quit weed, and check back in with yourself as you tackle the first few days of quitting. Keeping all of these deterents in mind will give you added strength. I never prescribe a Magic Bullet for quitting weed (I'm not a doctor) and I truly believe that willpower and a deep desire for real change is what will make you quit weed and succeed. For most people, these things combined with a marijuana addiction treatment program is the answer.

    Keep your list of reasons to quit smoking marijuana with you during the first part of your abstinence. It will help you stay focused on your goal, and act as a reminder for all of the behaviour you desperately want to avoid. Relax, have a glass of wine, read your list and get on with your life. Once you admit the problem, you can fix it."

    How many of you feel that maybe you overlooked how it has affected your potential life that you could have had? Am I alone in thinking that quitting weed could maybe lead me to a better life? Is there anybody on this site who thinks there life could be better without it?
  2. #2 ToTheDome, Aug 10, 2011
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    Hey bro. Your on a stoner forum. Just thought id let ya know.

    Most the people here dont give a shit about the EXTREMELY weak withdrawal symptoms of Habitual Marijuana Use. NOT ADDICTION! Tard.

    This thread is like me going onto a religious forum and preaching about Atheism. It simply will not work and is just... annoying. To say the least.
  3. Way to tl;dr
  4. Let weed revolve around YOUR LIFE, don't let your life revolve around WEED.

    Do what ya gotta do man but don't blame the plant.
  5. Sounds like some sort of court ordered anti-drug speech to me!
  6. Very true.. but im gonna keep smoking. its just part of my life.

    i always smoke good weed. so i guess im just lucky

  7. Ya I joined this site before you did, I don't think you have to tell me that lol
  8. Life is the sh*t with it. Life is the sh*t with out it. Just like a nice pair of shoes. You love havin them but you're not gonna die if you don't have em, but if you do have em......just enjoy that sh*t :bongin:
  9. read the first couple paragraphs and said fuck this .

    nobody hears needs to be preached to

    get that shit outta here man .
  10. And this just so happened to hit you after you got caught huh? What a coincidence. :rolleyes:

    It's a plant that makes you hungry and laugh a lot. God forbid...
  11. Ya I forgot how kind this site was to people who are trying to quit, I used to harp on them too, my bad.
  12. #13 kronman907, Aug 10, 2011
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    I think above the influence has a job for you. Maybe after you save the world from weed abuse you can go save all the people who drink booze and fuck people up driving drunk.
    What are you trying to do here. This is like walking into a star trek convention with star wars stuff on.
  13. stop giving shit to the man, maybe some of you are the same as he was a few years ago but you don't realize it yet. he's trying to do ya'll a favor and as he said in his first line, if you don't fall in that category, ignore his post
  14. Well ya. I mean if your trying to quit, talking about it with a bunch of stoners online aint gunna help ya.. And preaching to em with a bunch of Anti-Weed shit is well... kinda dumb.

  15. No it's nothing like that, I already said that a lot of pot heads can have a job/girlfriend/own place and smoke weed at the same time. I'm saying this is a PERSONAL problem with weed for me, and I was wondering if anybody had the same ones.The person who wrote the article (which I bet $10 you didn't read) clearly was a former pot head and nothing to do with above the influence. Grow up.

  16. Well I was hoping some of my old pals from the site were still around and maybe could give me some advice. The pot gurus on this site support people quitting, it's only the little kids that take offense to it.
  17. Yeah man all these problems you got can be solved within yourself.

    Maybe weed is your problem, because it's your crutch, not addiction(not possible).
  18. Ahh, you're a Canadian. That explains a lot.
  19. I get what you mean. But I don't care. I still love smoking pot.
    Maybe you did convince me to cut down a little.

    (jesus christ, I was reading your 'text' super baked and listening to Pink Floyd DSOTM. Fucking hell, this shit is freaky)

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