this maybe dumb but how do i get it to flower?

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    i confused on how the flowering process works. is there somthing i do to the lights. just some info on my setup i have an aero garden and the plants are around 4 1/2 weeks old and around a foot tall but real bushy.
  2. just set your lights 12-12. takes a couple of weeks to see flowers.:smoke:
  3. st it to 12/12 cycle but before that put it in a 72 hour dark period it works this speeds up the flowering process and us bud blood nutes you will see flowers in 1 1/2 weeks to 3 weeks.
  4. The flowering process is a lot like sexual maturity in animals. At a certain natural point in a plants life it will begin to show its sex parts. Usually around 7 to 10 weeks of vegetative life and 18 or so nodes the plant will inevitable show sex.

    Since sexual maturity is a hormonal trigger you can use specific natural processes to encourage these hormones to be produced. Late in the fall the days begin to get shorter, less than 12 hours of light, and the angle of the sun in the sky skews the photo profile of the sunlight to slightly red. By replicating the reddish light and more darkness than light the plants will begin to produce their sex hormones and grow flowers or "boy parts" or both. The idea is to keep the female sexual glands from getting pregnant forcing the plant to increase weight and possibly potency as it tries to get knocked up.

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