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This may sound stupid...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Audion, May 15, 2010.

  1. Well, I'm here eating chips, watching family guy, and chilling on GC. Then it dawned on me, this is what I do when I smoke weed. So then I almost started feeling a little buzzed, I get that spaced out, kinda feel-like-I'm-in-a-cartoon feeling. So, I'm not saying its at all a replacement, (trust me if i could smoke now i could) but does anyone ever notice that if they do something they normally do after smoking, you can get a mild placebo buzz effect going?
  2. I sometimes get deja vu.
  3. shit if i wasn't high i'd love to answer that. great question, i think maybe a little for me? not sure hahaha.
  4. This happens when I do or see something for the first time while high, like going to the movies...If I watch the movie again sober, i feel a little buzz....kinda cool when im low
  5. ive noticed the same kind of thing, the item triggers memories in the brain about being high, thinking about being high is almost like being high
  6. ever since i started smokin a few months back ive felt a buzz/tingle in my legs now and then even right now im feelin it.... it feels nice

  7. Yea exactly. I can't tell if I like it or it just feels like a waste of money smoking.
  8. stimulus to the cannabinol receptors could be happening, dunno for sure
  9. Haha I know exactly wat youre talking about op.
  10. #10 Eric 805, May 15, 2010
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    and your question is not stupid, as all questions have one same root, the wanting of information

    also, i notice this same thing with other substances such as E, LSD, and Shrooms. although I have only done E twice and shrooms and lsd each once i notice that whenever i begin to go into detail either by telling someone about it or thinking about it i get a lot of the feeling, as for example with E when describing it my body begins to numb and sometimes shake and chill a bit and then my jaw will chatter or numb. with lsd i begin a euphoric feeling and same can be said with shrooms
  11. Great Thread. :p

    Yet, had you not experienced the high, the feeling of bliss/deja vous would not of been there; therefore the value was enhanced. :D:smoking:
  12. Yea man i know what you're talking about, my brother always says he's not high, then about 10 seconds later we are laughing our asses off because he sneezed or some stupid shit
  13. Marijuana is a psychadelic so addictive behaviors can trigger marijuana-like placebo highs
  14. Dude, Pavlov's dog. This Russian scientist did an experiment where whenever he would feed this one dog he would ring a bell. The dog began to associate the sound of the ringing bell with eating food, and soon, he found that he could make the dog hungry and salivate just by ringing the bell. My friend wanted to try this with smoking :D haha. So yeah, I guess it is possible. Your body associates certain feelings with certain things, so while you may not be able to get "high" per-se, your body and mind may be unconsciously conjuring up the feelings associated with being high whenever you do the things you normally do while baked.
  15. I smoke all day everyday now and am pretty much always high so idk. but I work in a grocery store and smoke tons of weed before work and on all of my breaks because it makes it so much better. The few days though that I walk in there just a little high or something I'm automatically stoned once I start working and it always amplifies my high. All of the lights in the store, plus the fact that I'm always super stoned in there is what makes it happen I think.
  16. I have never had this experience pertaining to marijuana. However I have had a placebo "roll" or euphoric feeling as if my innards were filled with energy on many occasions while listening to loud techno. Especially albums that I have listened to repeatedly while rolling.
  17. This has happend to me seems when I repeat things I do stoned, sober I just get that little buzz your talking about. Its a pretty interesting concept :rolleyes:

  18. It is interesting. And it just makes me want to smoke so I can say, fuck placebo. I'm surprised so many people know what I'm talking about.

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