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this may sound stupid but...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilro, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. if your smoking a joint/blunt and its almost finished and a cop rolls up, wouldn't it be better to try to take a big ass hit and burn the rest of it? Because my understanding is its illegal to possess but it's not illegal to be high. do i have a point or am i just too stoned lol:D:D
  2. Well, if you did manage to take some kind of monstrous rip and cash a J, keep in mind that if there's ANY kind of trace evidence of the joint, they'll have evidence against you and you will be boned. I dunno though, you could always try to swallow it.:smoking:
  3. aye just swallow it if its possible... had to swallow a inchandhalf blunt the other day, my stomach hurt the rest of the day but the point is I did not get caught
  4. Ya dude i've never actually had to swallow weed before but i've come pretty close to. If i was driving and had a joint in my car, my plan would be to swallow the evidence just in case a cop were to search my car.
  5. ya theyll bust u with the little ud have left best best would be to scrap the cherry and swallow had 2 do it a few times hell probly still search ur car cause of the smell and thats all hell need but to be high in public isnt illegal

  6. sparks in your mouth? haha what the hell kinda spoon we're you using
  7. if the cops roll up put the joint out and eat it
  8. It is illegal to be high. Your body is considered a "container" by law, and your body "contains" illegal product at that point. If they have probably cause to believe that you're high, you'll still get busted with your local possession laws.
  9. Intoxication in public IS against the law.
  10. That is also true. Your city probably has a chapter in the city code regarding nuisances that include public intoxication. It doesn't hurt to look up your local city laws.
  11. If the cop can prove you've smoked weed by finding it they can arrest you. You can't be arrested for looking high though so hide your stash!

  12. There is no such thing as internal possesion. THey can get you for pulic intoxication. So being high isnt illegal. You can even tell a cop your high and he cant get you for possesion
  13. Yes, they can. It depends on where you live, too. If they don't have specific laws about it, they usually won't bother, but some places have developed different attitudes toward cannabis.
  14. The only thing I've heard about internal possession is with alcohol. I've gotten a couple MIP's that way. With weed it's really hard to prove. If they piss test you, just say it was in your system from a couple days ago. And if you really want to get away just eat the roach. It would be really hard to hit it to where there was nothing left, there's most likely gonna be a lil peice. And if you're driving you can get a DUII for being stoned.

  15. no dude, he means when you try to snap it (which i dont know why you would snap a spoon:confused::rolleyes:) he pulled some of the cherry through, and it got in his mouth.

    i would reccomend not doing that, its gross as hell.

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