this may be a very stupid question... but...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mojta_smoka, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. when you harvest, do you have to kill the plants? someone said to me once that they had a 9 year old plant or some shit... yet on here, for instance woody, has like 30 clones he's growing... so im thinking you have to kill them...

    am i retarded? or do you have to kill them?

    im prolly retarded either way lol,

  2. No the plant don't have to be killed, if cut above the roots and there is new growth once the lights are turned back to 18/6 they will start to veg again. :)
  3. this is regards to the quote on dowts signoff

    Man made booze,
    God made weed,
    Which one do you trust????

    i think god made booze also...
    eat a few apples that lay on the ground way to long and u got booze.

    fyi...there is more booze in orange juice than in N/A beer .
  4. here's another stupid question... what's 18/6 mean? also someone said 12/12 and some other ones.. can someone explain this to me?

  5. doh, i just figured it out! haha im retarded, and to think i havent smoked in 3 weeks... that's my problem i think.

    thanks anyway.


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